LONE TREE, Colo. (CBS4) – A Westminster man is dead after being shot by Lone Tree police outside the upscale Park Meadows Mall Thursday night. The perceived safety of a suburban shopping mall was suddenly pierced by the sound of bullets in the parking lot.

(credit: CBS)

It began with a shoplifting incident at Macy’s and turned into a much worse situation when police say Kenny Sisneros, the male suspect, displayed a gun.

“There was a handgun produced in the foot pursuit and shots fired and the suspect was killed here on scene,” Lone Tree Police Chief Kirk Wilson said.

He says a white female suspect was able to get away at the time.

The suspect who died was identified as Sisneros, 34. He had a criminal record that included a warrant out for felony menacing.

Kenny Sisneros (credit: Facebook)

The shooting has produced nervousness. One shopper was with her daughter and said “She said she doesn’t want to go to the mall anymore.”

(credit: CBS)

“Mom, you know you’re not safe anywhere, movie theaters, anywhere,” the woman said.

But Lone Tree police chief Wilson characterized it as an isolated incident.

“The mall is a very safe place, always has been and we have officers here that work here every day specifically to keep it safe,” he said.

Another female shopper told CBS4 the incident won’t deter her from shopping at Park Meadows.

“We always feel real safe when we go there, so (we’re) kind of surprised,” she said, without providing her name.

(credit: CBS)

When gun violence comes to Park Meadows, it’s a like a hole in security blanket.

One female shopper put it simply: “It’s just sad you can’t enjoy a day shopping. You know it’s getting that bad.”

Rick Sallinger