By Kelly Werthmann

DENVER (CBS4) – The homeowner who made a sign that seems to threaten dogs for leaving piles of poo in her yard is responding to the claims her message went too far.

“I did not threaten anyone,” Sherry Morris told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “Cynicism is what’s in the sign.”

(credit: CBS)

Morris claimed her sign is not threatening, but instead suggests people visit a website that does not exist. She explained she has owned dogs in the past and always made sure to clean up after them.

“That’s what you do when you own a dog,” she said. “Be respectful.”

Morris told CBS4 the dog waste issue in her neighborhood near Logan Street and Bayaud Avenue has been a problem for years. At one point, she said, she paid a company that cleans up after dogs in the alley behind her home.

(credit: CBS)

“It was out of control,” she said.

But her biggest complaint is for people, she claims, who allow their dogs to do their business in front of her home.

“People shouldn’t feel free to take their dogs onto private property,” Morris said. “People are bringing their dogs up and into my yard, and that crosses a line. Private property is private property.”

Morris added the home she’s lived in for more than 30 years doesn’t have a fence around the front yard because she like having an open area.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s Colorado, we like open spaces,” she said.

A representative with Denver’s Animal Protection stopped by Morris’ home on Wednesday, she explained, but told her there wasn’t much they could do unless a pet owner was caught not cleaning up after their animal. Morris said a sign seems to be the only thing that helps the poo problem, at least for a bit.

“If someone has a better idea, I’m open to suggestions.” she said.

Kelly Werthmann

  1. Karen Lee Copen says:

    It’s her property! She doesn’t want your dogs peeing and pooping in her yard. You do not have the right to let your dogs pee and poop in her yard! You do not have the right to damage her property by throwing bags of dog poop on it! Every single person interviewed had zero respect for other’s property. You’re lucky it was just a sign that hurt your “precious wittle feewlings.” She could have set up cameras and shamed you or had you charged with trespassing. Not sure why I’m surprised, you are the same people who let your dog pee and poop on someone else’s property – of course you don’t respect others. Disgusting filthy people, every single one of you.

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