By Michael Abeyta

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4)– A Colorado family is hoping to get some help so the mother of four can see again. Yesenia Quintana is in need of a double cornea transplant.

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Carla Hernandez is a teenager, but she has the responsibilities of grown woman. She takes care of her little brother during the day, but that’s not where her duties end.

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“We have two other sisters but they’re in school right now and I go pick them up have dinner ready and then after dinner’s ready, I go to school,” said Carla.

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She does all this because her mother, Yesenia, cannot. Eight years ago, Yesenia started getting headaches and noticed her eyesight was getting worse so she went to the doctor. They fitted her with glasses, then contacts, which worked for a while, but she always eventually quickly needed a stronger prescription.

(credit: Yesenia Quintana)

In Spanish Yesenia explains, “It didn’t help at all. It only helped the headaches to get worse.”

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Then one day she couldn’t see at all. Carla is her eldest child and had to stop going to high school. During the day, she does everything her mom used to do while her father works then at night she goes to night school. Carla hasn’t let that stop her from succeeding.

(credit: Yesenia Quintana)

“I have good grades just to prove that I can,” Carla said.

Yesenia could get a cornea replacement to restore her vision, but she doesn’t have insurance and can’t afford the $30,000 procedure. She’s hoping for Christmas, that people will find it in their heart to help her raise the money, if only to get her vison back in at least one eye, which will cost around $15,000.

(credit: Yesenia Quintana)

Again in Spanish, Yesenia said, “For my kids. Every mother knows that your kids are the most important thing in the world.”

LINK: GoFundMe Page for Yesenia Quintana

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