By Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4)– Remember the cult film “Xanadu” with Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly? Now, Xanadu is a musical comedy on stage at the Garner Galleria Theater at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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Just five actors play multiple characters. It can be physically challenging, especially since some of the scenes are on roller skates.

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Xanadu follows the journey of a beautiful, magical Greek muse who comes down from Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980. Her quest is to inspire a struggling artist to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time … the first roller disco.

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“If Xanadu is famous for anything, it’s for having roller skates,” said Aaron Vega, actor and cast member of Xanadu.

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The actors skate through eight shows a week in Denver. It is a six-month run through April 28, 2019.

“Doing the same thing for that amount of time can get a little wearing on the body,” Vega told CBS 4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

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Sania Killion, a physical therapist with UCHealth, stopped in to help. She was tending to the aches and pains of the Xanadu ensemble, showing them how to relieve shin splints and get a really good stretch. Killion is all about strengthening what’s weak, even the feet.

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“I never thought of working out my feet. Of course, they hold you up,” said Vega.

Holding up and staying healthy for six months is the goal.

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“We want to prevent any further injuries,” explained Killion.

That’s especially important with a cast of five, with each actor playing more than one character.

“There’s tap dancing and swing dancing and all sorts of crazy things happening,” said Vega.

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It takes a lot of effort to keep this musical comedy rolling.

Xanadu is at the Garner Galleria Theater until April 28, 2019.

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