DENVER (CBS4)– Just two weeks before ballots go out, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton is finally on the air with an ad and he wasted no time going on the attack.

Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gave his claims a Reality Check.

Click here to see all of CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd’s Reality Check reports.

Boyd’s sources for this Reality Check are as follows:

  1. Jim Kennel says:

    Dear MS Boyd;

    This is a response to your Channel 4 “reality-check” on Polis vs Walker.

    Specifically concerning your analysis of the Medicare for All expenses purportedly requiring over double our current taxes: I am disturbed by your presentation of an authoritative analysis while not accounting many facts or opportunities potentially saving taxpayer’s money.

    First your analysis does not take into account the premiums that taxpayers pay today with after-tax dollars to pay for insurance. So those taxpayer direct costs reductions have not been accounted for in your analysis.

    Further one has to simply look at the cost of US healthcare and compare it to other western healthcare for all systems, and it is shown healthcare for all is less expensive providing better outcomes. Your analysis does not take into account the myriad of issues associated with the subject matter. For example the current taxpayer costs associated with today’s uninsured. Uninsured citizens drain government and hospital resources by emergency services resulting from lack of treatment and inoculations; such treatment that will prevent emergency treatments and thus be more cost effective. Further a national system will provide control to stop the shenanigans which scam the current insurance system via thieving practices perpetrated by third party billing organizations the drug manufactures. Additionally requiring providers to track outcomes and employ best practices alone will greatly reduce hospital stays and extend life expectancy. All this is all proven to be possible by just studying other national systems.

    You do the public a great disservice by presenting sound bite analysis of a complex issues. As a “rich” country that continues to throw lower income citizens under the bus costing everyone more in the long run; such news reporting only fuels the fire of the tribalism and prevents thoughtful discourse on national challenges.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jim Kennel
    Littleton, CO

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