By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – Frontier Airlines says they are aware of a recent situation aboard a flight from Denver to South Carolina in which a passenger allegedly urinated on the passenger’s seat in front of him.

According to another passenger on the flight, the man, later identified in FBI documents as Michael Allen Haag, urinated on the seat in front of hers after being kicked out of his previous seat for inappropriate behavior.

The FBI told CBS4 that Haag has a Boulder address listed as his residence.

The passenger told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas she was sitting in the same row as Haag, across the aisle, when he unbuckled his seat belt and urinated on the back of the chair.

The woman said Haag was moved to the row she was in after he allegedly verbally and physically assaulted two other women near his previous seat. She also said Haag allegedly touched one sleeping female passenger and later asked another woman about her sexual and marital life.

The passenger said she was disappointed with the way the airline handled the incident, and was discouraged when Frontier flight attendants allegedly placed the suspect next to her. She said one flight attendant warned her of his previous actions, and told her to monitor his status. It was then when the passenger photographed Haag urinating on the seat.

WARNING: A photo provided by the passenger shows what appears to be the man peeing. While it doesn’t clearly show his private parts, it does show a big stream of pee. Click here to view it.

In a statement to CBS4’s Dillon Thomas, Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver said “The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. We have been made aware of this situation and are working with the appropriate authorities.”

The woman said the suspect was arrested at the gate in Charleston approximately 30 minutes later.

(credit: CBS)

She and two other women filled out statements for law enforcement.

According to the federal complaint, Haag had two double vodka tonics during the course of the flight and one passenger told authorities that he seemed “intoxicated and possibly high.”

The probable cause for his arrest, according to the FBI, is that Haag interfered with the flight crew, intimidated the flight attendant and engaged in inappropriate behavior, specifically touching, and disruptive behavior as well as indecent exposure of his genitalia.

The passenger claimed the airline provided her an outdated complaint card, which provided disconnected phone numbers. When she called a booking agent, the woman said she was told the airline would refund her checked baggage fee and would give her a $200 voucher.

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.

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  1. This guy will probably be a new Trump cabinet member.

  2. You’re looking at the next PTSD lawsuit.

  3. Those progressive liberals out in Boulder, CO votes count as much as non psycho freaks, good luck folks! Stay high CO.

  4. Neal says:

    Where are these people coming from?

  5. Chris Daly says:

    is there a live stream to watch?

  6. What else is new nowadays, with left-wing liberals thinking that they are entitled and law and decency don’t apply to them? This was started with Obama, and now the legalization of phony medicinal pot, has created potheads who no longer care about respect and/or rules of law. Liberalism is equal to cancer!

  7. The attendant probably told him he couldn’t leave his seat

  8. Steven Davis says:

    Maybe the fight did not provide any live streaming so he provided some of his own.

  9. Brad R says:

    Most definitely a Trump supporter.

  10. Mike McKee says:

    I don’t want to hear “He was drunk.” as an excuse. Too many people are allowed to engage in inappropriate behavior and get away with it. This idiot needs to be held accountable for his actions. He should be placed on the “NO FLY” list as a starting point, and should also be required to pay a significant price for his disgusting act.

  11. Scott Vines says:

    I was told from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous that it was John Brennan unconvincingly explaining that “pee tape” is real.

  12. burnet1187 says:

    Some of those democrats are not very far removed from apes

  13. Yirmin Snipe says:

    It is possible that he did it because they refused to allow him to go to the bathroom. I’ve been on flights where the stewardesses/air nazis wont allow anyone to use the restroom… If that happens and you gotta go, you gotta go. Let the air nazis clean it up then maybe they will stop telling people they can’t go to the bathroom.

  14. Cole Smith says:

    Next time reseat next to one of those ‘defective’ windows.

  15. Greg Hawkins says:

    That was James Clapper

  16. Leave it to a democrat to make a total azz of themselves!

  17. chuckyschmucky says:

    Was he headed to an OWS rally?

  18. Steve Stone says:

    I’m sure one of the creative, thoughtful contributors will claim it’s because he is a *liberal*

  19. Seems as though her biggest complaint is how and what she was awarded by Frontier for something they has little if any responsibility for.

  20. harris9513 says:

    As a caregiver of many, many years, this man sounds like he has dementia – the alcohol must added fuel to the fire. I guarantee you he has some degree of dementia and has also probably been misdiagnosed and is on a medication that is making him worse, not better. Not everybody has a family member paying close attention to behavior or aware of warning signs before someone gets this far.

  21. Oh, the wonderful world of alcohol…

  22. Everyone knows you can’t do this on one of the lesser flown airlines. Only the number one, or two, rated airlines, will let you do that onboard their planes.

  23. Just mention “from Boulder CO” and you need say no more…


  25. I work in the mainline of retailing as a consultant – the general public are coarse,rude, and imports from the 3rd world – just disgusting – especially in So Cal. They DRINK LIKE FISH – every other cart that goes by has big bottles of Vodka, wine, young old, big booze hounds in San Diego everywhere! Richer the area the MORE they drink. They are also HIGH AS KITES and know very little about what is going around them – including us coming through with huge heavy loads of merchandise – they are so high/wasted they walk right in the pathway.

  26. democrat voter from colorado…

  27. Is anyone really surprised that this happened given the fact that this world is in a world of hurts.

  28. mnc77024 says:

    $200 for pee sounds pretty good.

  29. A lot of data points suggesting a “fundamentally transformed” Amerika…

  30. He was just shooting at the bedbugs on the seat in front of him.

  31. The real question is did the airline replace the seat before the next flight.

  32. finalewiz says:

    Anyone want to guess the country of origin of this man?

  33. Has anyone noticed the smell on all airline seats?

  34. Byron Law says:

    Hey babe…guess how I identify?
    I’m gonna go with…European.

  35. At that age and angle, he surely urinated mostly on himself.

  36. Bad thing about flying a really cheep airline is their a really cheep airline.

  37. Dillon Thomas? Do not go gently into that pee stain, rage rage against the wacko urinator…

  38. Bob Glover says:

    URINE: The final frontier…

  39. I think this is the watered down version of the story.

  40. He had no idea which bathroom he was supposed to use.

  41. Tim Evans says:

    This article conflicts with itself: “urinated on the passenger’s seat in front of him” or “urinated on the seat in front of hers”. If one of these statements included an indefinite article, then it would be less of a conflict, but still confusing.
    Presumably, law enforcement interviewed this woman, the two assaulted women, several flight attendants, and the man, but the article makes it seem like they only took statements from three women.

    1. You’re making an assumption that the writer actually knows how to write…something lost on today’s seemingly educated millennials.

    2. Mike Hill says:

      You’re right, but also the writer could have simply not used the possessive form of “passenger”; i.e., “passenger’s.” Grammatically it was improper to use the possessive form of “passenger” (probably one of these apostrophe freaks), as there was no antecedent pointing to who, what, the seat belonged. As you indicate the use of the article “the,” combined with the possessive of “passenger,” leads to an indefinity that corrupts the logical context.

      Jay Freidman, who 1st replied you you, also has a point-on comment, and I submit it explains why such things get published.

  42. I myself always ask for an aisle seat as it makes going to the bathroom easy…

    1. Apparently he’s found an alternate way that makes going to the bathroom easy . . .

  43. Fred Stevens says:

    He was raving and complaining about Trump. Just another liberal with Trump derangement syndrome having a temper tantrum.

  44. haaipo says:

    This is beyond disgusting.

  45. Bill Jackman says:

    Unconfirmed reports identify the man as Donald Trump so CNN and NYT are going to run with it.

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