By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado High School Charter Senior Laura Carrillo received the opportunity of a lifetime.

At 17 years old she was commissioned by the City of Denver to design one of five billboards as part of a city billboard campaign called “Healing as One.”

Better Together billboard being unveiled. (credit: CBS)

“I love this opportunity it’s like I get to have something that’s mine up in the city and a city that I love so much,” said Laura Carrillo.

Laura Carrillo (credit: CBS)

Carrillo is a senior at Colorado High School Charter and was one of several students at Arts Street, an after school program, challenged by an idea that came through Mayor Michael Hancock’s office.

Derek Okubo recounted the conversation he had with Shawn Johnson.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we built off the communications and the conversations we’ve had so far as far as race and justice and did a campaign where our young people led the way and provided messages of hope and belief for the future of Denver?” said Okubo.

(credit: CBS)

Carrillo rose to the challenge. For her, that vision was about coming together in our diversity.

“One of the elements of my artwork that shows unity is color, rainbows. Rainbows bring people together,” she said.

The billboard, titled “Better Together” shows buildings iconic to the Denver skyline as well as the Rocky Mountains.

(credit: CBS)

“Not downplaying other cities, but we’re not plain. We’re out there. We’re Colorado. We’re outdoorsy. We come together to do outdoorsy things. We come together to do nature and we come together to stand for things that we believe in,” she said.

This billboard is the first of five to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Carrillo’s is located at 21st and California Streets in Denver.

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