By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4)– Residents of Denver’s first and only tiny home village are once again without of home of their own. All 16 of the villagers were forced to move out of their tiny homes on Jan. 1, pending rezoning of the land which the village was moved to.

“Being homeless, you get used to being in multiple different places, all within the same week,” said Cersilla Wolf, one of the villagers.

(credit: CBS)

Wolf, and the other villagers, have been staying wherever they could find somewhere to sleep, waiting for the city to approve rezoning. Rezoning was already scheduled for the property in February. However, with the assistance of the city council, the vote was expedited to Monday, Jan. 8.

(credit: CBS)

Wolf, and two other villagers, have moved in to a friend’s home, awaiting their rezoning approval.

“Even though I love staying here with all the guys… I just want to get back to my home,” Wolf said. “I want to get back to my home.”

Cersilla Wolf (credit: CBS)

Colorado Village Collaborative Organizer Cole Chandler Told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas he spoke to city council members, who expressed interest in expediting the rezoning process.

“City council will be voting on moving up the rezoning process on this piece of land by three weeks, so we can receive our permits before the end of this week,” Chandler said. “[Council members] believed this is a successful project. This is something that is working. [They] are going to rally around it, and make sure it can continue to work.”

Beloved Community Village (credit: CBS)

Chandler expected the vote to pass with ease, Monday. If approved, Mayor Hancock could sign the rezoning by the end of the workweek, creating an avenue for the residents to move back in to their homes.

Until the process is completed, the villagers are forced to sleep elsewhere.

(credit: CBS)

Wolf said her gratitude was with those who have opened their doors to the displaced.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” Wolf said.

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