By Karen Morfitt

LOCHBUIE, Colo. (CBS4) – After much research and speculation, we may have an explanation for the loud noise multiple people reported hearing Monday night in Colorado.

A loud boom rocked several neighborhoods just northeast of Denver Monday night, sparking some wild theories about what may have caused it.

But on Wednesday afternoon, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission released a statement that might explain the cause.

Dale Marotzke lives in the Silver Peaks neighborhood where a majority of the reports came from.

“I was hoping I’d hear something sooner or later, there’s a reason for everything,” Marotzke said.

The COGCC said they received a report of an “overpressuring event involving an empty oil storage tank” that occurred at about 9 p.m. Monday evening.

The operator who reported the incident, Ward Petroleum, has facilities near Lochbuie, the COGCC stated.

(credit: CBS)

“The pressure forced the lid off of the tank, potentially resulting in a loud noise,” according to the statement. “The tank functioned as designed to release that pressure.”

CBS 4 spoke with resident Brennon Frasier shortly after the boom and then again after the COGCC released their findings.

“It felt more like an explosion than a container blowing a lid off,” Frasier said.

Martin Pearson lives a few blocks away he and his family learned of the loud boom through social media.

“My understanding is there were no flights that were even detected, so when I hear that explanation it makes more sense,” Pearson said.

The COGCC said there was no fire, explosion or spill associated with the event and no one was hurt.

“The COGCC will investigate the event and will seek additional information from the operator to better understand how and why the event occurred,” The agency stated.

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  1. If the tank is blowing its top for six months in a row, then it is a nuisance and should be stopped.