By Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4)– A new study is sounding the alarm on childhood obesity. It found the number of obese children and teens is 124 million worldwide, more than 10 times higher than it was 40 years ago.

The study points to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

(credit: CBS)

Two-and-a-half-year-old Poppy happily waves her arms. She is in Parent and Toddler Yoga at Mudra Yoga with instructor Casey Feicht.

“We’re moving, we’re jumping around, we’re singing songs,” said Feicht, owner of

(credit: CBS)

Keeping Poppy active is important to her grandmother, Jan Bartolina.

“She exercises, she runs around, she actually learns yoga,” said Bartolina.

Jan Bartolina (credit: CBS)

Bartolina knows what causes obesity in kids.

“Because we don’t exercise enough, because we eat wrong,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of obese children and teens is now more than 10 times higher than it was 40 years ago.

Experts analyzed data from 2,400 different studies that tracked height and weight of 32 million children, 5 to 19 years old. The research shows an estimated 74 million boys and 50 million girls are obese worldwide. The problem is more than physical.

(credit: CBS)

“Social, psychological problems for the children themselves, more stigmatism, less optimal school performance,” said Leanne Riley with WHO.

And obese kids are often overweight or obese adults.

(credit: CBS)

“It is also more likely to lead to early onset of conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes,” said Riley.

(credit: CBS)

The study found some good news and bad news for the U.S. Here, obesity levels have plateaued, but that’s not a reason for complacency because more than one in five young people in the U.S. are obese.

Kathy Walsh is CBS4’s Weekend Anchor and Health Specialist. She has been with CBS4 for more than 30 years. She is always open to story ideas. Follow Kathy on Twitter @WalshCBS4.

Comments (8)
  1. of course childhood obesity is rising, liberals have been pushing “fat shaming” is bad and love your fat body messaging. the reality is obesity is dangerous and life destroying. People shouldn’t be ridiculed for being over weight, but they shouldn’t be praised for it either. they need to learn self control, good nutrition habits and exercise. a simple formula. get out of the house and do stuff and cook your own meals. Burn more calories than you eat….If you find you are eating a dozen eggs by yourself, you might have a problem

  2. So sad. Cheap, ultra profitable sugar saturated, refined carbohydrate products are the diseased heart of the matter.

  3. Jeff Macri says:

    The more our government tries helping the fatter kids get.

  4. We choose to feed our kids junk and processed foods because we are too lazy to actually make a home-cooked meal. Don’t give me the excuse that healthy fruits and vegetables are too expensive. You buy what is in season. We are too lazy to make breakfast before going to work and school and grab food from McDonald’s, eat out at lunch and then because everyone is tired we either go out for fast food or something processed.

  5. Very few excuses to be obese or fat. Eat better. Exercise more. Simple physical activities:

    It is simple. No weights no gyms no machines. Just simple and real opportunities for some good sweat. Cheers

  6. Almost like a stay-at-home parent cooking nutritious meals and overseeing kids activities would be a good thing. Too bad parents having rewarding careers is more important that we can’t do that any longer.

  7. Obese children, obese parents. Kids learn it from their dysfunctional parents, liberals tell everyone they’re perfect, no “fat-shaming,” people are too lazy to cook good food, government gives them money to eat McDonalds. Any more questions?

  8. Steve Carter says:

    Aah, for the golden days when kids went OUTSIDE and played. But now, thanks to absurd paranoia over non-existent predators around every corner, kids stay inside parked in front of the TV and video games. Add to that the epidemic of welfare queens, the exclusion of fathers and their penchant for physical play from homes, the miracle of instant and microwave foods, and the idea that getting off your fat ass and going somewhere with the kids is “oppression”–mix it in with the new fad of “no fat shaming” and you’ll get exactly this result.

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