By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4) – Seniors are becoming as the fastest growing segment of the marijuana industry.

According to a national survey, usage among adults 65 and older is up 250 percent, while adults 50-65 have also increased usage nearly 58 percent.

Duane Kniebes (credit: CBS)

“I’ve generally felt that recreational drugs of any kind were no nos, and I still do,” says 91-year-old Duane Kniebes. “Cannabis seems to be somewhere in between.”

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Kniebes was part of a standing room-only meeting in Louisville meant to educate seniors on marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain.

(credit: CBS)

The World War II veteran who suffers from chronic foot pain says his opinion of marijuana has changed dramatically.

“All of these years I thought it was in the same category of any other recreational drug”

(credit: CBS)

Stratos, a Colorado-based cannabis manufacturer, is trying to reach out to skeptical seniors about using marijuana as a way to treat pain.

Kate Heckman (credit: CBS)

“I think they have tried a lot of pharmaceuticals and they’re looking to improve their quality of life,” says Kate Heckman, a Stratos spokesperson. “It really appeared there was a gap in education for seniors.”

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  1. Jimmy Perry says:

    Why do you use this stupid video to hide the story from people like me that need to enlarge the page. At 150% it covers more than half of the text. I detest videos I would rather read.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does…here comes the blood pressure spike and brain damage!

    1. If you are going to call people out for being stupid, maybe you should’ve been smart enough to show people proof of what you claim. No good will come of just calling people names, but sure made you feel good for a second, didn’t it genius?

  3. I’ve enjoyed the pleasurable benefits of marijuana for over 15 years now. It’s a wonderful recreational drug when used in moderation. I’ve personally never understood the fight to keep drugs away from me at all cost.

    As of now, marijuana money is going into the wrong hands. Marijuana is stronger and easier to get than ever before, albeit much more expensive than it should be… and all that money is going back to the cartels!

    To smoke casually from the “black market”, it will run you $100/month. This is much more expensive than it needs to be. More expensive than my cell phone ($20/month from Tmobile), car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), netflix ($10/month), and gym ($15/month) COMBINED!!! Would you rather put money into the hands of violent gangs and drug dealers… or into taxes for schools, hospitals, public infrastructure, etc.???

    I work very hard for a living and should be allowed to do whatever I want to my own body in the privacy of my own home. Arresting me for using marijuana in my own home would be like arresting me for playing “box the clown” in my own home. They both make me feel good and I’m not hurting anyone else doing it. Seriously, what’s the harm and why should I go to jail for it?

  4. Pretty hilarious reporting. Obviously the author doesn’t realize that the people now considered seniors were smoking pot LONG before he was a twinkle in his grandparents’ eyes.

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