By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – If you’re making plans to view the upcoming eclipse here are the times for a few selected cities around the region.


Casper, Wyoming – partial eclipse begins at 10:22:17 am, ends at 1:09:25 pm (totality is from 11:42:37 am to 11:45:04 am)

Guernsey, Wyoming – partial eclipse begins at 10:24:20 am, ends at 1:12:58 pm (totality is from 11:45:44 am to 11:47:58 am)

Wheatland, Wyoming – partial eclipse begins at 10:23:57 am, ends at 1:12:45 pm (totality is from 11:46:11 am to 11:46:58 am)

Torrington, Wyoming – partial eclipse begins at 10:25:06 am, ends at 1:14:14 pm (totality is from 11:46:56 am to 11:48:58 am)

Mitchell, Nebraska – partial eclipse begins at 10:25:38 am, ends at 1:15:04 pm (totality is from 11:47:44 am to 11:49:39 am)

Alliance, Nebraska – partial eclipse begins at 10:27:07 am, ends at 1:16:43 pm (totality is from 11:49:12 am to 11:51:42 am)


Fort Collins (95%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:23:24 am, peaks at 11:46:44 am and ends at 1:13:52 pm

Craig (93%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:19:44 am, peaks at 11:41:55 am and ends at 1:08:46 pm

Denver (92%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:23:23 am, peaks at 11:47:07 am and ends at 1:14:43 pm

Colorado Springs (89%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:23:37 am, peaks at 11:47:48 am and ends at 1:15:50 pm

Lamar (88%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:27:10 am, peaks at 11:52:40 am and ends at 1:21:11 pm

Grand Junction (87%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:18:02 am, peaks at 11:40:11 am and ends at 1:07:31 pm

Pueblo (87%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:23:53 am, peaks at 11:48:21 am and ends at 1:16:39 pm

Durango (81%) – partial eclipse begins at 10:18:58 am, peaks at 11:41:54 am and ends at 1:09:58 pm

If your location isn’t listed above click here for an interactive map showing the eclipse path and times for selected cities across the nation.

Meteorologist Chris Spears travels weekly in the CBS4 Mobile Weather Lab reporting about Colorado’s weather and climate. Check out his bio, connect with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @ChrisCBS4.

  1. Will Smith says:

    Why not give us MDT in this article? This says it peaks at 11:46, and its now 11:30 and we can’t see any of it. Fort Collins?

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