By Matt Kroschel

VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – Video of a black bear inside a Vail condo poking around and playing a few notes on the owners piano is getting thousands of views online.

(credit: YouTube)

Vail police officers took the report of what the owner originally thought was a burglary, but her surveillance cameras captured the intruder and it had four paws.

It happened in an East Vail neighborhood on May 31.

The officer who responded to the call found evidence of the black bear inside. It is believed the bear made entry into the home through an open kitchen window. While inside, the bear did minor damage to the apartment and took food from a freezer, according to officers.

Following the report to police, the owner checked her internal camera system, which captured the event on video.

The bear can be seen wandering around the apartment and at one point went to a piano, putting its paws on the keys playing a few loud and dissonant notes.

Vail police said in a news release that “The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly.”

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  1. Vox Veritas says:

    Caught on video repairing her shoes, the intruder was identified as a Blackbeary cobbler.

  2. Vox Veritas says:

    If she didn’t want the black fella in her condo, she shouldn’t shop in a bear market.

  3. Vox Veritas says:

    The bear den do nuffin’. He was simply [im]migrating from the Hyber Nation.

  4. Vox Veritas says:

    This story is beary strange.

    How long did he spend in the condo?

    See what I mean?

    He was bearly there, but she could have snagged him in a Bearin’ Von trap.

  5. He was trying to play the opening chord to “A Hard Day’s Night”

  6. Noam Sayen says:

    Sounds like Bartok to me.

  7. Charles Nash says:

    Who’s been sleeping in my bed ?

  8. I guess we should name him Beartoven.

  9. But his playing was “unbearable!”

  10. Vail cops got jokes…!!!

  11. Peter Rich says:

    That would be Ursa Major…

  12. mjazzguitar says:

    It was a major 7, b9, #11, b13 chord.

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