By Dillon Thomas

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. (CBS4) – A teacher was placed on paid administrative leave after the Johnstown Milliken School District said he allowed students to hit a piñata with President Donald Trump’s face on it.

District Superintendent Martin Foster said the incident took place on the campus of Roosevelt High School in Johnstown as part of a Spanish class’ celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

Video, and pictures, of the incident were posted on Snapchat, a phone application that allows users to share images for a set amount of time.

When Roosevelt High parent Lesley Hollywood saw the videos on Snapchat, she immediately took offense to it.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

“It is disturbing that this would be happening in a school setting,” Hollywood told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. “Why divide people? Why do this? There are so many other ways we can address politics in schools.”

In a statement issued to CBS4, Foster confirmed an investigation was started after the Spanish teacher allegedly allowed the incident to take place on campus.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

Some parents, like Hollywood, applauded the school for taking action.

“Political discourse right now, in this country, is already so strained and so angry,” Hollywood said.

Hollywood, who did not vote for Trump, said the disrespect towards the nation’s leader was what concerned her.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

“I wouldn’t of cared if it was Obama’s face on that piñata, or if it had been Hillary Clinton’s face,” Hollywood said. “It doesn’t matter. This is not how we should be teaching our children politics in this country.”

“This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the district,” Foster said.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

Students at the school wrote Hollywood telling her Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, was also on the piñata. However, neither district officials nor video evidence suggested that was the case.

Hollywood encouraged the school to have political dialogue. However, she said the manner in which the teacher allowed it to happen was not acceptable in her eyes.

(credit: Lesley Hollywood)

“They can have these conversations in a respectful manner. I just didn’t feel this was very respectful,” Hollywood said.

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.

Comments (18)
  1. Joe Campbell says:

    She should be fired and charged with a hate crime.

  2. This woman was outraged yet she chose to post on FB first (according to her it was the weekend and the school was closed) Well Ms. Hollywood, do you have no life? Could you not wait until the weekend was over? I am NOT a Trump fan either. While this is inappropriate for a teacher to do, a simple reprimand or write up or warning would be fine. Many people think this is a good teacher. Good teachers are hard to find. Ms. Hollywood would know nothing about that since she likes to collect welfare, and have babies for profit. She didn’t think how this would affect her daughter who attends this school? She doesn’t sound sane to me. She looked even crazier in the interview. If I was RHS, I’d be worried this mooch was trying to plan a lawsuit.

  3. Laura Colver says:

    What ticks me off is that the teacher is on paid administrative leave. In other words, she gets a paid vacation!

  4. Jim Trott says:

    Any teacher that would advice the killing of a US President should be fired on the spot. And if not done right away, the school principle and school board would be next! What in the hell are they teaching kids today?

  5. As a former lefty I’m appalled, Pinatas should only be of generic balls toys etc.
    They should not be of people or animals.
    This teacher and anyone who thinks it is innocuous play to subliminally
    suggest to children this is acceptable behavior.
    In terms liberals can understand:
    This sends the wrong message, Our schools should be free of violence and violent
    images, If we can save just one more pinata it’s all worth it!

  6. Paul Roberts says:

    BLM would have burned down the school if it was Obama’s face they beat down until it broke.

  7. Liberals yet again are showing you they are not what they ever have stated to be: they are not inclusive, they are not civil, they are not respectful, they are not about fair and open debate….they simply aren’t what they profess to be. What they are, is dangerous Fascist and as un-American as you can possibly get. Again, their actions speak the truth they can no longer hide with their words.

  8. Now let’s imagine children smashing to pieces with sticks a pinata with Obama’s face.. Don’t think those liberal pieces of trash would find it as amusing

    1. Jay Williams says:

      The teacher would be terminated and charged with a hate crime.

  9. This woman is going by the name Lesley Hollywood; however, that has never at any time been her legal name. Her actual name is Lesley Schoonmaker. She has used my husband’s name (he is a father to one of her 4 children) fraudulently for years and refuses to cease.

    1. Nobody cares. Your feeble attempt to distract from her solid comment by this personal matter fails miserably. This is about the teacher abusing her influence over her students, not some parent’s choice of last name.

      1. I personally would question the motives of anyone who sees the need to use a fake name. She is currently fighting with the school on many fronts. That high school had to be closed today because of threats. Regardless, of whether this was in bad taste and/or inappropriate, there was no need for such a hysteria to be created.

  10. Leslie Hollywood does not know adequate facts of this situation and is only trying to boost her social media business by making this non-news news worthy. She forgot to mention that the picture of the Mexican president was on the other side of the piñata. As a Johnstown resident and mother of three Roosevelt High School students I am sickened and outraged how badly this event has been reported. The teacher that is on leave is a decorated teacher that has taken student to National Knowledge Bowls and is a beloved teacher in the community. Leslie Hollywood should be ashamed of herself for using this event to boost her own personal agenda!

    1. This so called decorated teacher shouldn’t have had the face of Trump or the Mexican President on the pinata!

    2. Knowing the left wing politics with which too many of these “award winning” teachers are indoctrinating their students, the awards don’t impress me or many parents anymore. She should be terminated immediately since it is obvious her politics are too easily expressed in her classroom materials. Let the children learn the basics of life before corrupting their worldview with the polarized politics that even so called educated adults cannot handle maturely these days.

    3. Tony Tads says:

      the problem .the left has no respect for this president.
      the schools wrong songs about Obama .
      where were the faces of Putin or Muslim terrorist leaders
      because they are scared shiiiiiit of them

    4. Jay Williams says:

      The point has been made, but is worth stating again. If President Obama’s face was on that pinata, this teacher would have been fired and charged with a hate crime. At minimum.

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