By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4) – Murder charges have been filed in the shooting death of a 15-year-old in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood.

On Oct. 9, Keylin Mosley and another 14-year-old boy hopped a fence and were allegedly shot by 48-year-old Keith Hammock from a second story bedroom window. Investigators discovered Hammock was illegally growing marijuana in his backyard.

Keylin Mosley (credit: CBS)

Keylin Mosley (credit: CBS)

During their investigation Denver police learned that a year ago Hammock had shot another teenager who hopped the fence. That shooting went unreported. A spokeswoman for Denver’s district attorney says the victim likely did not report the facts of the shooting since he was hopping the fence to get to the marijuana.

Colorado’s Make My Day Law does not apply since Hammock did not face a threat to his safety.

Hammock spoke with CBS4 in May of 2015 outraged after a community art project painted The Color Line, Denver’s previous line of segregation, down his alley.

Keith Hammock (credit: Denver DA)

Keith Hammock (credit: Denver DA)

“I see it from my bedroom window. I have to be reminded by the color line. It’s annoying,” said Hammock in the previous report.

Hammock refused a jailhouse interview on Thursday. He is being held without bond and is charged with first-degree murder, four counts of attempted murder, and illegal growing of marijuana.

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  1. Trebor Cadeau says:

    Sorry that Keith Hammock did not yell at the druggie thieves.
    Keylin “marijuana” Mosley stealing at 14. Wonder what he would have grown up to be.
    Instead of stealing from others, why not grow your own?

  2. MICHAEL CORN says:

    “Colorado’s Make My Day Law does not apply since Hammock did not face a threat to his safety.” Yet, case after case, 5 murders in 2016 alone (the same number as in Chicago), Denver Police are excused by Mitch Morrissey from killing people in our city for brandishing a kitchen knife, or sitting in a car in an alley, or attending the funeral of a friend or “refusing to obey their commands”.

    Mitch refuses to prosecute a Deputy chief Frank Gale who walks out of court room with (girlfriend?) after over 20 years on the force, saying he doesnt know the procedures, after working in the jail for decades. Chief White’s ex af her DUI hearing, promoted to Sgt of the evidence room after excessive force on inmates charges were filed,, fired, then hired back to Lt, then promoted to Deputy chief after the white deputy chief was mysterisly fired and a new Back Chief of Police Chief White was hired from Louisville.

    Mitch refuses to prosecute a deputy for slamming an inmate who asked a question of a judge, respectfully, in court 2100 and got caught on video tape. White rushes to defend a woman cop that slammed a drunk woman into a wall next to an elevator, but says a vice detective selling drugs needs more investigation. No rush to judgement (actually delay and delay more until the news goes on to cover the 300 recommendations for improvement by the DSD of which none are being implmented, but cost tax payors millions of dollars of study.

    Signs are put on private property of supermarkets saying that the Denver Police will prosecute anyone for shoplifting, when any elementary kid knows that Mitch prosecutes and and the Denver Sheriff only beats people up and lets them out of jail in sheriff uniforms or steals their drugs and than overdoses 5 inmates in one day with a bad batch. There are no contact visits and all inmates are strip search

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