By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – You’ve probably heard of the Blood Moon and a Blue Moon, but what about the Black Moon?

While it sounds scary, like something in a horror movie that could signal the end of life, it’s really no big deal.

The term ‘Black Moon’ has no formal meaning in the world of astronomy, but in our era of social media, unfamiliar terms can catch on and spread like wildfire, creating a flurry of commotion.

The reason why some are saying tonight there will be a Black Moon is because it’s the second New Moon of the month and that isn’t too common. But every few years we just happen to luck out and have two New Moon phases fall in the same calendar month.

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  1. Jim Adams says:

    Why include a photograph that has nothing to do with a black moon. Under the right conditions (of course) pictures of a new moon are possible.

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