By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado woman and her sister are the focus of a mysterious death in paradise.

Annie Korkki, 37, and her sister, Robin Korkki, 42, were both found dead in their villa at the $2,000 a night Maia Resort on Seychelles, a resort island in the Indian Ocean, 900 miles off the East African Coast.

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

According the The Seychelles Nation, the country’s newspaper, the women were found in their beds by hotel staff. There were no signs of a physical altercation. But police did remove undisclosed prescriptions from the scene during the investigation.

Police told the paper the women had been drinking at the resort and staff had to help them to their room the night before they were found.

On Facebook the women had been posting pictures of their adventure for more than a week, including beach and poolside pictures two days before their death.

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Annie Korkki was a member of a synchronized skating team in Denver. She took a leave from the team to go on the extended vacation.

“She talked about it as a trip of a lifetime and I think she and Robin felt like it was a wonderful way to celebrate their relationship, their love of travel, and adventure,” said Caitlyn Cattelino, Annie Korkki’s coach.

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

The Korkki family has now travelled to Seychelles to bring the sisters home and get more answers while awaiting autopsy results.

Investigators remain puzzled by the case were the two women apparently died at the same time, by the same cause, without a trace how it happened.

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  1. jdowg says:

    I’m willing to be they went Sky diving then Scuba diving or vice versa…poor girls….

  2. $2,000 a night villa! These poor destitute people need your money. Please help. And if you have any money left over send Sally’s kids a fiver.

  3. John says:

    Have they looked into phosphine poisoning, like what happened in Thailand?

  4. Robert Gift, EMT says:

    ^ They need “financial support” when staying at a $2,000/night villa?
    Carbon monoxide poisoning?

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