DENVER (CBS4) – This election Coloradans are considering several ballot Initiatives with far-reaching ramifications.

But, maybe no measure would impact our way of life more than Amendment 69. It would create the first single-payer health care system in the country.

As you might imagine, the measure is very complex and — because its impact is so significant — the fine print is particularly important.

A new ad by opponents provides an opportunity to examine that fine print.

Watch CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd give the ad a reality check.

Shaun Boyd’s sources for this Reality Check are as follows:,8.3.15.pdf

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  1. Guinn Unger says:

    This was basically a pretty fair report. The one error was that you omitted to state that the taxes which would start up before ColoradoCare kicked in would only be at 10% of the final tax rate (1% instead of 10%). This is necessary in order to have funds available in order to pay claims in the beginning. None of the people opposing Amendment 69 have any alternative except the status quo. ColoradoCare is modelled on systems working exceptionally well in other countries around the world. Do the naysayers think that we can’t do this because we aren’t as smart as those people? Or maybe they think those countries pay more; but actually we pay twice as much per person as other developed countries each year. So if you like the way things are going, then vote against Amendment 69. But if you care about people and understand that the current system is a monstrosity, then vote YES for ColoradoCare.

  2. Laurie Swan says:

    This report is outrageous and is as much of a disaster as Amendment 69 would be if it passed. If your station truly believes that politicians wont have a hand in this, then why do you have a political specialist reporting on it. Irresponsible reporting at best.

  3. Your station has a duty to televise a rebuttal to this disingenuous report with the reality check that explains the facts. There is a reason why the governor is opposed. Please do your due diligence and report fairly.

  4. Austin Wiggins says:

    Your, “Reality Check” needs a reality check. For one thing, there is nothing in the Initiative that states you must be a resident of Colorado for one year before getting coverage. More about that below.
    I always tell people to simply read the Initiative instead of relying on emotions and feelings. It is guaranteed to get them to vote NO on this disaster.

    Some lowlights of the Initiative:

    Section 2 (2): states that a Beneficiary is someone whose primary residence is in Colorado, but it does not define what a resident is. T.R. Reid, when asked at a debate if there will be any qualifications to be a resident replied, “There MAY be”. As it is written, all you would need to do is have a foot in Colorado to be defined as a resident. This will make Colorado the Insurer to the nation. The non-productive will move in to get free healthcare. Those in the County illegally and Urban Travelers will flock here. Taxes will skyrocket well above 10% and the productive will flee the state.

    Section 3 (1): states; “There is hereby established a political subdivision of the state called ColoradoCare. ColoradoCare is not an agency of the state and is NOT subject to administrative direction or control by any state executive, department, commission, board, bureau or agency”. ColoradoCare will have absolute power. This alone should cause this Amendment to go down in flames.

    Section 4 (2g): states that The ColoradoCare Board will set their own rules regarding the selection of Board Candidates and that they will conduct their own elections, including rules that regulate campaign contributions. They will also certify their own election results.
    This means they will stack the deck with the candidates they want, and certify their own results. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Also, the expense to run their own elections will be enormous. If you have no problem with ColoradoCare certifying their own elections, would you then be okay with Trump certifying the General Election?

    Section 5 (2c): “Board members will not be subject to recall elections”. There will be zero accountability to the public.

    Section 5 (5a): The Board will set their own compensation and expense reimbursements. Since they are not accountable to anyone, do you suppose they will set their pay high or low?

    Section 6: A vague list of covered benefits, but they are not defined. They don’t tell how these services will be covered, what the limitations and exclusions are, if there will be a cap on your out-of-pocket expenses, will referrals be needed, etc… This is yet another case of, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. Prior to enrolling in a Health Insurance plan, you can view all of that so you know what you will be getting. The reason they don’t spell out benefits in the Initiative is because those benefits would be a part of the Amendment. This way, they can change and even eliminate benefits at will.

    Section 9 (3) “Payment of the premium tax does not constitute the purchase of a health insurance policy”. This means that businesses and self-employed individuals will no longer get a tax deduction. That will in effect make their burden greater than 10%, causing many to leave the state.

    Section 11 (2a) “ColoradoCare shall not pay for services covered by Medicare Parts A, B & D”. Senator Aguilar is boasting that ColoradoCare will act as a Supplement, but the Initiative states it won’t cover anything covered by Parts A & B – that means it could not act as a Supplement. It also provides no out-of-state coverage (except for emergencies, but that is yet to be determined), so there is no way it can act as a true Supplement. Seniors that live in Colorado most of the year and in another state the rest of the time would not have the coverage a true Supplement would provide. Senator Aguilar is lying about this.

    The state’s top Liberals (Hickenlooper, Bennett and Ritter) are all against this monstrosity. Taxes will rise well beyond 10%. Doctors have already said they will leave, and Children’s Hospital has said they will have an extremely hard time finding qualified Doctors to staff their hospital. The wealthy will flee the state while non-taxpayers and those looking for free healthcare will flock here. Low income individuals who now pay nothing for Medicaid will have to pay the new tax.. Property values will plummet. Anyone who would like to go to the Mayo Clinic or other Center of Excellence will have to pay out-of-pocket. There is no way a single state can do this. Colorado will become bankrupt in no time. Does the system need fixing? Yes! But this is not the way. Lie to us once (about Obamacare), shame on them, lie to us twice, …

    There are more problems with this Initiative, but that should be more than enough to get everyone to vote NO on this poorly devised mess.

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