By Tom Mustin

DENVER (CBS4) – A new study shows that more children than ever are being poisoned by e-cigarettes.

The study in the Journal Pediatrics showed a 1,500 percent increase in children under the age of six being poisoned by nicotine in e-cigarettes in the past two years. Most cases involved children who swallowed the e-juice.

Julia Staley showed CBS4’s Tom Mustin the enticing flavors of e-juice at her Denver shop, iPuff Vape.


CBS4's Tom Mustin smells e-juice at Julia Staley's iPuff Vape shop (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Tom Mustin smells e-juice at Julia Staley’s iPuff Vape shop (credit: CBS)

“Strawberry limeade, strawberry mint, peanut brittle,” she said.

Staley is seven months pregnant. She realizes the nicotine packed juice that is smoked inside of e-cigarettes can be a hazard to children.

“There’s just no regulation and people aren’t quite aware of the hazards these e-juices present to children, so I think a lot of education is needed,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Staley’s e-juice containers smell like candy. She only sells juice in child-proof containers.

B.J. Lanser at National Jewish Health says the e-juice is highly concentrated, and easily absorbed.

“If a child gets its hands on it it’s easy to get nicotine poising,” Lanser said.

He said with the popularity of e-cigarettes, the study’s results should be expected.

“It’s not surprising that it’s something the kids would get into. It’s appealing, it’s colorful, and it’s available,” Lanser said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Lanser said like alcohol or cleaning products, e-juice should be kept away from children. Staley agrees — when it comes to e-cigarettes, parents need to take responsibility.

“We need to keep it out of reach and that’s definitely what I’ll be doing when our child comes,” Staley said.

Denver Health says the number of children it’s has treated for e-cigarette exposure has more than doubled from 2013 to 2015 (from 16 to 35).

If you believe a child has been poisoned by e-cigarettes call Poison Control or 911.

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