Written by Traffic Specialist Joel Hillan
New, devastating fires in the area have forced more road closures.

In Boulder, the Flagstaff Fire has forced Flagstaff Road closed from Baseline out to 6th.

UPDATE: In Colorado Springs, the westbound exits of Woodman, North Nevada and Garden of the Gods are open if you are trying to exit from I-25, you just won’t be able to proceed West or East.  US 24 also closed both direction through the Manitou Springs area.

The High Park Fire still rages near Fort Collins.  Highway 14 remains closed from Ted’s Place out to the 6 miles East of Goulde.

About The Blogger
– In the Traffic Blog Joel Hillan writes about highways to avoid, trouble spots throughout the city of Denver and construction issues. He is always interested in hearing about your traffic problems, so send him an email. Also, follow Joel on Twitter at @JoelHillan.


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