By Ed Greene

DENVER (CBS4) – Yet another Winter Storm is heading for Colorado and as a result a Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning cover most mountain locations for up to 14 inches of new snow.

After a high of 58 degrees, both officially at the airport and the downtown location, clouds rolled in as the Monday progressed and tonight those clouds begin to produce snow along the front range.  IT could be snowing just in time for the morning rush hour, but the morning low will be right around 30, so more melting or slushy conditions should greet the morning travelers.  Higher up – to the west and south – snow may begin to add up, but in Denver it will melt as it falls and mainly be wet – maybe a little white on some grassy areas.  Then look for off and on rain or snow showers throughout Tuesday with a chilly high only in the upper 30s.  We’ll take that right into the night time hours before the moisture finally ends overnight with sunshine returning for Wednesday with a high in the low 50s.

Then dry and warmer days take us right on into Saturday.  Friday is the Rockies Home Opener and we can expect partly sunny skies with a mild high into the lower 70s.  More of the same pleasant weather on Saturday, before the next weather change arrives on Sunday.


5day Another Winter Storm Heading for Colorado



  1. Already been there, done that. Where (or is it when?) have you been?

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