Mystery Money Found In Douglas County

By Tom Mustin

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4)– It’s the money mystery everyone is talking about in Highlands Ranch.

A month ago a Good Samaritan found several hundred dollars in a business parking lot in the Town Center. The anonymous man turned the money in to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. So far the person who lost the money has not come forward.

“We do get bikes and iPads and phones turned in all the time, but money is unusual,” Douglas County Investigator Tracey Montano told CBS4’s Tom Mustin.

The Town Center houses dozens of businesses in a one-mile radius. Montano says the sheriff’s office is not giving out specifics regarding exactly where the cash was found, or how much.

They’re hoping the money’s rightful owner will step forward with the correct answers. So far several impostors have struck out.

“Someone said Santa Claus called and wanted her to have it. We’ve gotten calls that a spirit has told them to call and say it was their money. Crazy stories,” said Montano.

We found some other suspect characters trying to claim the cash, starting with a laughing Katie East.

When CBS4’s Tom Mustin asked Katie East, “Did you lose some money?” she replied, “Totally.”

When asked how much, she replied, “Lots of money… Ha, ha, ha.”

Then there was Dion Arellano who said, “It was like $400.”

“Are you sure?” asked Mustin and Arellano replied, “Yeah. Give or take a $20.”

Michael Tribble does maintenance for the Town Center. He’s hoping the money will be reunited with its rightful owner. He says the real story is the honest person who turned the cash in.

“People in this day and age- we need our money. And for it to be returned, that’s a great thing. He did a great thing,” said Tribble.

Two years ago an envelope filled with cash was found in the same area. The money’s owner never came forward.

If no one claims the money in 30 days, the cash will go into the Douglas County General Assembly fund.

If you have any information regarding the mysterious currency, call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at (303) 784-7880.

Tom Mustin is CBS4’s Weekend Anchor. He has been with CBS4 since 2002, and is always looking for great story ideas. Connect with Tom on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @TomCBS4.


One Comment

  1. nba says:

    General fund? That’s BS. He found it. No one claimed He should get the money. He was honest enough to turn it in. Finders keepers. By not letting him get the money will just make people who find other money not to turn it in.

  2. Karen Santistevan says:

    Finders keepers!!!!!!! Is what is said when you find something. Especially if you are honest enough to try and find out who it belongs to! Douglas County is setting their self up to have BAD KARMA come there way. BE FAIR DOUGLAS COUNTY. It was never yours to claim. I sure hope whoever voted or had the authority to just keep it in your fund wouldn’t like it if they lost their wallet, purse or wedding rings and would surely hope and pray that whoever finds my property is honest enough to turn it in. That person made RIGHT and HONEST choice. Pay it forward Douglas County and make the RIGHT AND HONEST CHOICE ALSO. When you set an example….SET A GOOD ONE. My prayers go to the finder!!!!!!!

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