DENVER (CBS4) – Former foster child Kaylee has found love and security in her new family.

Kaylee and her baby brothers Breylin and Carter often spends hours playing together.

This new family is bonded by the love their mom, Sheena teaches.

“The boys are amazing and I think it’s even made Kaylee shine because she gets to step up and show how she can be a big sister to them,” said Sheena.

Kaylee loves being a big sister and she’s also shining in school where she has new friends and is flourishing in her new stable environment.

“Breylin and Carter and my mom, they’ll always stay here,” said Kaylee as she touched her heart.

The love and security is new for Kaylee who couldn’t count on people in the past.

“My parents decided to love drugs more than they loved me,” said Kaylee.

She bounced from various foster homes going to four schools in four years. She was featured on CBS4’s Wednesday’s Child segment along with both of her brothers.

Kaylee craved and needed stability and unconditional love and that’s what she has now.

“I like knowing that I’m always going to have somebody there for me,” she said.

Sheena has embraced her new role as a mom.

She adopted Kaylee then the boys and plans to adopt more kids from foster care.

“The children they’re gorgeous they make me feel complete, give me purpose,” said Sheena.

Kaylee also has a newfound purpose not only as a sister but as a daughter.

“I’m glad that she’s my mom and I’m glad she chose me because parents who want to adopt they get to choose their kids,” said Kaylee.

Kaylee finally belongs to a forever family and is the happiest she has ever been.

On Wednesday CBS4 will host the annual “Day For Wednesday’s Child” to raise awareness and money for the Adoption Exchange.

LINK: More Information On A Day For Wednesday’s Child


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