Written by Traffic Specialist Joel Hillan

This morning on The CBS4 Morning News I talked with Jim Bak, co-author of the INRIX Traffic Scorecard.

They released the Top 100 Worst Traffic Cities and Denver is on the list at No. 27, moving up five spots from last year.

Bak also identified the congestion hotspots around town and revealed just how long someone in Denver sits in traffic each year.

The number might surprise you!  Watch my full interview from the CBS4 Morning News below:

The Colorado Department of Transportation is currently working on making life a little easier for the 115,000 cars that travel on Interstate 225 each day.

Removal of the Yale Street bridge is the 1st step in a project which will make it three lanes both directions and extend Light Rail through that area.


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– In the Traffic Blog Joel Hillan writes about highways to avoid, trouble spots throughout the city of Denver and construction issues. He is always interested in hearing about your traffic problems, so send him an email. Also, follow Joel on Twitter at @JoelHillan.


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