Deal With The Broncos Could Reportedly Be Worth More Than $90M

DENVER (CBS4) – Peyton Manning has chosen to play with the Denver Broncos next season.

Although all the final details haven’t been reached on the contract, the Broncos will pay Manning $90 million plus with at least half that in guarantees, CBS4’s Vic Lombardi reports.

“There are a lot of different factors, but it was all about relationships. He came to Denver first — this was the first place he visited. John Elway was his childhood idol,” Lombardi said. “John Fox is a defensive minded coach who is much like his old coach when he won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis — Tony Dungy. Fox who will allow him to run of the offense, literally. There aren’t many quarterbacks that can do that. Manning can do that.”

Lombardi reports that the Broncos will now be looking to trade quarterback Tim Tebow.

“I know the Broncos have been in contact with at least three teams regarding Tebow. Despite what people think, there is a market for him,” Lombardi wrote on his Twitter account.

“According to sources inside the Broncos, the building at Dove Valley is going nuts. They’re celebrating big time. What a coup by John Elway. … The Broncos won him over with Elway and Fox. End of story. They won him over,” Lombardi Tweeted.

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“Manning Watch” dominated headlines in Denver last week. Even President Barack Obama weighed in during an interview with CBS4 at the White House.

“Do you think Manning is going to play for the Broncos?” CBS4’s Karen Leigh asked the president during their interview in the Cabinet Room.

Obama replied: “Peyton Manning is one of the best of all time and anybody would be lucky to have him. I know the Broncos are going after him pretty hard. We’ll see. If natural beauty has anything to do with it, then I’m sure Denver will do pretty well.”

The hoopla started after the quarterback first flew to Colorado and met with the Broncos on March 9. That was two days after being released by Indianapolis in a roster restructuring move.

140888145 Peyton Manning Chooses Denver

Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay attend a press conference announcing that the Colts will release of Manning at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on March 7, 2012 in Indianapolis. (Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images)

Meetings with several other teams followed, but CBS4 continually reported that the Broncos were Manning’s likely first choice throughout the proceedings.

Denver sports marketer Dan Price, president of Adrenaline Inc., told CBS4 last week that despite Tebow’s incredible popularity, John Elway, John Fox and other executives with the Broncos were right to be going after Manning, a future Hall of Famer.

“As a franchise you owe it to your season ticket holders to do whatever you have to do to win,” Price said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Peyton Manning Through The Years

Winning is everything in pro sports. It’s what teams market. That’s not to take away the heart-stopping wins engineered by Tebow last season. But Manning’s skills are thought to be enough to get the Broncos where they want to be right away.

“His whole personality is based on wins and how successful he’s been throughout his career,” said Price. “The Broncos are banking on this guy coming in here, not to win playoff games, but to win a Super Bowl.”

manning elway Peyton Manning Chooses Denver

John Elway and Peyton Manning meet at the Broncos' Dove Valley headquarters on March 9, 2012. (credit: CBS)


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Comments (48)
  1. Guy Dattilo says:

    The only reason I followed the Broncos in 2011, is because of Tim Tebow.

    Good bye, Broncos!

    GOOD RAIDERS!!!!!!!

    1. Rick says:

      Stay with it Guy. I am hopeful they will keep Manning and let him mentor Tebow. This can be a great thing if they do it right.

      1. J Schreiber says:

        I agree with Rick. Keep Tebow and let him learn from Manning.

    2. william carter says:

      well,,,we got manning,,,,lets try to get Andrew Luck also. He is the best QB in college football. If manning gets put out for a few games, thats where andrew luck from stanford comes in. Two awesome quarter backs would make denver the best team in the nfl in my opinion……so lets try and get andrew luck with denver too

  2. Rick says:

    Keep Tebow for the future. Don’t blow a good thing. This can all work out perfectly.

  3. Ronnie says:

    I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Broncos for 30 years, but if they trade Tebow, I will no longer watch or support the Broncos in any way.

    1. mrbuck says:

      Agreed–I personally think that Smell-way wanted Tebow gone because TT was becoming more popular that he was during his time here, and widdle Johnny couldn’t bear the thought of that

      1. Vegas says:

        Ronnie, if you are “die-hard” Bronco fan then you wouldn’t give up on them for getting rid of a not-yet-proven-qb, for a 4 time MVP, Super Bowl winning, future HOFer. Even if they got rid of Tebow for no reason, you don’t give up on the Broncos if you’re a “die-hard”.

        And mrbuck, true Bronco fans know that this is a good thing and also wouldn’t call one of the greatest QBs of all time, “Smell-way.” If Elway was threathend, he wouldn’t have brought in a QB that has already broken some of his records. Come on people, don’t be blind fans, it’s not the Denver fan way.

    2. Kathy says:

      I’ve lived in Denver all my life. I’m not happy. That doesn’t matter. It’s about winning a Super bowl, period. Not about having a lasting qb. We will never have another qb for years and years. Players come and go. I believed in Tim Tebow, no matter where is, I think he was touched by an angel

      1. American Eagle says:

        You need Meds Sis!

    3. Ronnie says:

      Vegas, I WAS a “die-hard” fan. I started looking forward to the season mid-summer and counting the days until the first pre-season game. This is VERY SAD for me! I just think it’s wrong and sometimes it’s more important to stand up for what a person thinks is right, even though it means giving up something that brought so much enjoyment.

  4. K.Z. says:

    I kind of agree with Guy Dattilo. I really started watching the Broncos’ games because of Tim Tebow. I truly hope that the Broncos keep him. As a Christian myself, it’s a great joy to see athletes like Tim sharing their faith and giving 100% of the glory to God all the time. Very encouraging! Tim Tebow is an even rarer find than Peyton Manning, in my opinion. I like Peyton, but Tim is still the best in my eyes. Tim is an awesome, Godly, Christain athlete, and I will continue to pray for him, and will always be his fan. God bless, Tim!!!

    1. Jeanette says:

      I very much agree with you. I am a Christian as well. Not only did Tebow bring great things for the team but the way he shared his faith and was not afraid of doing it really says something for the guy. I do not think it will be a good decision if they get rid of him. I use to really respect John Elway but not I’m not so sure. He was not very good his first 3 years of playing but they never threw him to the curb like they are planning to do to Tebow. Like you, I will pray for Tim

  5. Janet says:

    I too started to watch the Bronco’s because of what Tim Tebow brought to the game – unfortunally the greed of the organization is what is driving the decisions.

    If they trade Tebow it confirms it is all about the money and not about mentoring and supporting an upcoming quarterback.

  6. bill says:

    I feel for Tebow – he gave his all last season and will do nothing but get better with time. To get rid of him is a mistake Broncos may regret. One big hit and Manning could be done. Is Tebow willing to play behind Manning? Has anyone asked him? Or are we just going to get rid of him and have who for a back up? Does anyone remember last playoff Manning had and how he played?

  7. Kathy says:

    It’s true. It’s about the Bronco team, no matter who is in the team, who is the QB. I am a true Bronco fan and will never buy another shirt with a name and number. Go Broncos.

  8. Jeanette says:

    I love the Broncos. But if they get rid of Tebow just cause Manning signed with them, I will no longer watch them. Tebow did some great things for them last season. I think it’s great what he brought to the team and his faith is amazing. The Broncos will make a serious mistake if they get rid of him. As many people (especially the fans) who loves Tebow may lose a lot of fans. I know I will not be a fan anymore. Fine if they want to sign Manning but keep Tebow. Manning hasn’t got many more years left to play so work with Tebow and he will be great.

    1. Matt says:

      Awesome, this will be our chance to weed out the Tebo freaks and get the real Broncos fanbase back in the seats. Awesome move John and John! We finally get a quarterback that can actually throw. Good luck Timmy, keep practicing.

    2. American Eagle says:

      You will not be missed! Have fun watching your Soap Operas again!

      1. Augie says:

        I completely agree.

  9. ray says:

    Couldn’t be Happier!!! Manning is the Man! Tebow was waYYYYYY overrated, now he can take his circus act on the road.

    1. American Eagle says:

      Matt and Ray are right! Get rid of the “Tebow” so we can start winning instead of seeing this fool on his knee all the time. Perhaps he could get a job as the Quarterback at some Christian School, where he would be adored like a false prophet there. Anyone else but me notice that when they lost the last game of the season, the Christian soldier ran like a scared rabbit to the locker room without his signature knee bend? The guy is a fake and his followers should get a life!

      1. Rita Martin says:

        WOW, you sure are quick to judge. You don’t even know Tebow so how come you know so much that he is a fake? I certainly hope that no one judges you as harshly as you have judged Tebow. I have been a fan of the Broncos going on 27 years and I am truly disappointed in the way that John Elway has treated Tim Tebow. Everyone seems to have forgotten how bad John Elway was and how very inconsistent he was. The bottome line is that John Elway never liked Tebow and if John Elway had liked Tim Tebow he would still be the starting quarterback. I wish Tebow nothing but the bigest of success in his career and I hope that he makes the Broncos look silly throughout the years.

      2. Suzzette says:

        Your comments are offensive to the majority of Americans who identify themselves as Christians. To opine on a person’s athletic skills is acceptable. To denigrate one on their religious beliefs and practices (regardless of the denomination) is despicable. Tebow demonstrated a belief that many hold. He did so without apologies. Whether he or Manning or anyone else leads the Broncos is irrelevant to his beliefs. If you are an adult, you should demonstrate the manners and respect for others your parents should have taught you. If you are a child, it’s time to grow up and learn your lessons.

  10. EX Bronco Fan says:

    Wow !!! I have been a Bronco fan since for 28 years. Was excited to hear Payton Manning was possibly coming to Denver thinking what a great team he and Tebow would make. THEN I read Tebow is being traded. Payton’s seasons are numbered as he is getting up there. Just think how strong the Bronco’s could have been when he retires after a few years of a Manning/Tebow line up. This is a sad day in Denver. No one was complaining about Tebow being a not-yet-proven qb when he rescued us last season and we at least made the play offs….

    1. Connie says:

      AMEN! I totally agree with you.

  11. ELDIABLOVIS says:

    It’s great that the Broncos are signing Manning, but they should keep Tebow because what if after some games Peyton is hurt then what? He could be a great help to Timmy and the organization by mentoring him. Who do they have if something happens? No one thats not good. So keep Tebow train him mold him make him great like he could be. Now go out and get some offensive linemen a running back, sign Dallas Clarke, get a huge interior d-lineman.

  12. Ali says:

    I think the Broncos are idiots to give up Tebow for a has been! I give Manning 1 year, if he makes it through that! Somebody’s gonna tackle him hard and he’s gonna end up on the injured list permanently and then where will the precious Broncos and their $90 million be then? Not only is it a waste of money, but also a waste of time. If Manning is still that good why did the Colts release him? Tebow should burn this bridge and never look back! You people are delusional if you think this latest parlor trick is gonna bring back the glory days for the Broncos.

  13. Cynthia says:

    I thought John Elway joining the Broncos was a good thing. I questioned his reasoning in bring John Fox with a losing record to Denver. I have been a Bronco Fan my entire life, win or lose. But, I am very disappointed with this lastest news. Peyton Manning while a good quarterback only one 1 Super Bowl for Indianapolis and doesn’t have that many more seasons. Tim Tebow would be a wonderful franchise Quarterback if given a chance, but he has not gotten much of a chance. I don’t know if there is some jealously going on or what but I would rather watch Tim Tebow lose than watch Peyton Manning win. He doesn’t belong here in Denver and at this point I am not sure I will even watch next season.

  14. Karen Conley says:

    This is football, not church.

  15. Connie says:

    Just my opinion, the Bronco organization is paying a lot of money for the name “Peyton Manning” . It is nothing personal against him but I have watched for years and seen big money spent at the fans expense. Sports events are now too expensive for the average family or person to attend. Broncos have let go of good players in the past and the records reflect it. No matter who the Quarterback is he will not be any good without a good team that gives him the protection he needs to make the successful plays. Sure wish they would concentrate on the rest of the team for a change.

  16. Aimee says:

    John Elways’s decision to choose Manning over Tebow leaves the 2012 Bronco’s playing season iffy. Manning has had 4 cervical fusion neck surgeries and one hit could put him on the bench. Tim Tebow brought a sense of wholesomeness and newness to the Broncos. It is rumored that Tim will be traded to the New England Patriots—this would be a good deal for both, and for my home state of Rhode Island.

  17. DNO says:

    Be Careful what you wish for.
    Elway better hope they make it to the playoffs next year or he will go from the icon of Denver to the biggest idiot.

  18. Augie says:

    I can’t believe all the remarks from “so called Bronco fans” that they actually believed that Tebow was the answer at quarterback. Especially how he self destructed in the last game.

  19. bicycletech1 says:

    Peyton may be 2 or 3 games away from his last game, it only takes one hit. With all of the holes the offense had this past season he will get hit, alot. All of you that are happy about this may need to rethink it. Get ready for the same old story about rebuilding again when it happens and you can sit through another20 years of mediocre football mismanaged by a crummy owner that trickles down to a crummy staff of people. Hey great idea, trade Tebow and rehire Chris Simms. I heard John Fox and Elway thinks he’s great! For me I am done with all of it!

  20. Rose says:

    Tebow should stay, backup QB if not RB. Manning’s (yuck) days, not years are numbered.

  21. bicycletech1 says:

    I heard Craigslist now has some great deals on stuff signed by Elway! Check it out!

  22. Natsel says:

    I see the Christians are out in force. They place one player above the team’s best interests because that player is “one of them.” They are not fans of the Broncos team–they are religious zealots.

  23. Here before the Broncos says:

    If you can tell me who Bill Keating is without google I give you permission to slam me with your “I’m smarter then you rebuttal”. With that said if this goes the way the “experts / superfans” want in less then 2 years the Broncos will be at least $45m down and needing to find another QB. Our offense couldn’t protect a 24 year old kid who could move what will happen to a 36 year old man who no matter how good will be slower? One bad hit could be the end and then what? Manning is great and if we use him to mentor Tebow maybe we stand a chance to be a team that equals the Elway years. If we just chuck Tim the most we get is a couple years to try for a super bowl and then back to being oblivious to the other teams again. If Elway wants to give the fans a dynasty as a front office guy like he did a player he need to look long term not just next year. Keep the kid and spend the next couple years fixing the rest of the team.

  24. Geosand says:

    I really stopped watching the Broncos several years ago — but began watching again last season because of Tim Tebow. He made it exciting to watch their games once again — not to mention the high quality of the man, on and off the field. If they trade him, I will no longer be interested in watching. Greed rules once again. This leaves a very sour taste in many of our mouthes.

  25. LH says:

    Welcome to Broncos Country, Peyton!!! As a die-hard Broncos fan, the last three years have been absolute hell. Good bye, Tebow – you won’t be missed. Back to the team we all know and love! Elway, you are once again the Broncos’ hero 🙂 GO BRONCOS

  26. Audrey says:

    I’m so sorry for Tim Tebow!!! Manning had a brain injury last year, and now I have to wonder who really has the brain injury for letting Tebow go!!! I was also a great Broncos Fan. But not now!! Tebow is the one that turned everything around last year and did get them where the were, and this is what he gets in return!! Go TEBOW where evey you end up! God Bless You!!!!!!

  27. D E says:

    John Lynch, Brian Dawkins, and now Peyton Manning.
    Denver where the Hall of Famers go to retire.

  28. B L says:

    I broke my neck when I saw the price.

  29. patsy says:

    it would be a mistake to get rid of tebow he could learn a lot from manning please keep tebow. Manning is a great qb but hes not gonna be around forever and there is a good future here for tebow.

  30. Jay says:

    Thank you in advance Broncos mgmt for getting rid of Tebow the sideshow. He was too much media hype and religiosity for me.

  31. izzie says:

    I feel bad for Dever, pity elway and bowen…Tim May God Bless You in all your endevors–richly. Please remember the the majority of us believed in your skills and abilities

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