DENVER (CBS4) – Broncos fans are responding with strong emotions to the news that Peyton Manning will join the Broncos.

Immediate excitement was the reaction for many fans on Monday morning after the announcement, including one male fan in Englewood.

“It’s excellent news. I think it’s incredible to have a guy like John Elway and a guy like Peyton Manning working together next season. It will be excellent football.”

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Other fans weren’t so sure about what will happen to Tim Tebow, who quickly became a favorite in Denver despite constant criticism about his throwing ability.

“I don’t have a problem with Peyton Manning coming but I think we should be loyal to Tim Tebow and have Peyton Manning teach Tebow a few things,” said a female fan in Englewood. “But to get rid of Tebow? I’m a Tebow fan, so I go where he goes. And there are a lot of us out there who feel that way because my phone started to blow up as soon as the information came out. So it’s sad. It’s really sad.”

Even the governor had a gut reaction to the news. He said in an interview with CBS4 that he’s thrilled by Manning’s decision but he also favors the Broncos possibly keeping Tebow on the roster.

“Having Peyton Manning playing for Denver is one of the greatest things any football fan could want if you’re a Denver fan, right? Think about how many national games we’re going to get. We’re going to get the great matchups and we’re going to be on national TV,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said. “Sports Authority Field at Mile High is going to be going crazy.”

“I love Tim Tebow and I hope there’s a way that it’s worthwhile for him in his mind that he’s got a couple years here to learn from Peyton Manning.”

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Comments (33)
  1. tebow fan says:

    Shame on Elway. Can’t stand any Bronco having a fan base other than yourself. I loved when you played Elway, but it was the team that played, you just stood there and handed the ball off. Sorry dude, but you have been replaced in the hearts of football fans everywhere. Tebow did so much more than you were willing to see him get credit for. Shame on you. Watch out for lighting.

    1. Another Tebow fan says:

      Totally agree! Denver has made yet another bad decision. Tim Tebow may quite be the most liked QB ever, and I think that Elway couldn’t stand the thought that Tim would one day outshine him. If Tebow leaves the Broncos, Denver has lost me as a fan forever!!

    2. Cindi says:

      It’s disappointing that the Broncos have traded away a guy who did so much to bring enthusiasm and excitement -as well as success – to the Broncos. I once was excited about the future for the Broncos but now feel less than enthusiastic about next season and beyond. Sad to see Tim go.

  2. Another Tebow fan says:

    How quickly last season is forgotten. Where were the Broncos at the start of the season (1-4) and Tebow took them to the playoffs, something Orton and McDaniels couldn’t do. Just remember what happened to the Colts when Manning went out for the season. Better keep Tebow and let him learn from Manning.

  3. savannah says:

    The only reason john elway wants to get payton manning to denver is because he knows tim tebow will beat all his record. In the 2011 season tim tebow was close to beatting one of john elways record. Elway is the only one who is going out of his way to try and get manning to denver.

    1. Tebow Fan says:

      Love Manning and Tebow. Denver should NOT get rid of Tebow. Hate Elway. Shame on him for what he is doing to Tebow. Tebow deserves better than this.

    2. Natsel says:

      Right. John Elway is so worried about his legacy here in Denver that he went out and aggressively recruited one of the best QBs in NFL history. Grow up.

      1. Ivy says:

        Elway has nothing to worry about when it comes to his place in Denver football history no matter what he does as GM. He is so NOT threatened by Tebow and his popularity. He wants to give the Broncos the past chance at winning football games – that’s his JOB!!!!! Tebow is a great human being and a wonderful role model but it is highly doubtful that he can take this team or any team to a football championship. Good Job Elway!! Welcome to Denver Peyton!

      2. tebow fan says:

        Tebow and team did get to the playoffs – did you not turn on the TV for the whole darn season?! How far did Elway guide the team his first year out? By the way as you did not seem to pay attention to the season, Tebow and team came off the bench after the first 4 games. Elway – not so much his first shot out. It also took him a LOT longer to gain the respect of his fellow team mates.

  4. Duke Paulsen says:

    I think the Line-up should be: 1) Tebow, STARTING QB 2) Manning as BACKUP QB & Mentor for Tebow. Manning is still a huge “if” because of his past injuries.

  5. Bronco Fan4Life says:

    How many people here will hate Elway if Manning brings home a superbowl. I love how it is so easy to hate someone until they do something really great. Everyone hated Elway when he first came to Denver, But when he won back to back superbowls everyone loved him. you people make me sick.

  6. Chuck says:

    If you’re going to bash Elway for doing what 31 other GMs in the league would have done, go follow another sport.

  7. Clint says:

    Love Manning and the decision, but if you don’t keep TEBOW your going to lose THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS OF FANS!! You will regret trading TIM TEBOW forever.

  8. tebow fan says:

    Elway is not thinking about the team. He is think about himself and his legacy. He does not want to be out done by Tebow. If you are going to chose your replacement then go with a really big name that you think is on par with yourself. That is what he is doing. Plan and simple.

    By the way, I follow many sports and many teams. If you get a chance to think clearly check out the movie Money Ball. Lots of teams and GM’s spend big money to buy a champonionship. Not possible to buy the fans or the win Chuck. Manning is great. He is wonderful and proven in the past with other teams, other receivers, other blockers. Got to be able to pull the team together and lead it. Tebow did that. Fans want that. Neither the players nor the fans want a 90 Million hotshot to some and save the day from their first playoff run in years.

    Tebow has earned the right for a starting season. Manning would be a much better teacher and mentor for him than Elway could ever be, with half the ego. However, a 90 million dollar mentor sounds a little excessive to me.

    By the way – does anyone really belive that Manning’s neck has another 5 years of play???

    1. Alicia says:

      Agree 100% Manning has how much longer. One bad hit and hes out and we are in INDY’S shoes.

      1. Scot says:

        Please get over your Tebowmania, folks. The guy is a second-rate player who demonstrated his lack of ability over and over again last season.He’s exciting the same way a streaker on the field is exciting, but real fans watch football to see football. Maybe they can convert him to a tight end–it’s not like he doesn’t have any football ability, but he is NOT an NFL quarterback.

  9. Sensibility says:

    No one in the organization has said Tebow would be traded. The media is terrible about leaking things from a “reliable” source within the organization and then it doesn’t happen at least half the time. Tebow is humble enough and smart enough to know this is an opportunity for him (as all of life’s challenges are) if he turns it for good.He can learn a lot about reading defenses and making quick decisions while honing his throwing motion and accuracy. If or when Manning gets hurt, he will be there and the staff knows how to use him. THE ONLY WAY Tebow should be traded is if he requests it. He deserves to stay if he wants to and leave if he wants to. I hope he stays.

  10. steve says:

    fans seem overwhelmingly opposed….this will hurt Broncos.

  11. Anita says:

    Sure it’s great to have Manning but he is not very young and who know how long he will last. At least if the Broncos keep Tim Tebow they have something to look foward to. I have been a bronco fan for 40 years and I am not very happy about this decision. If we lose Tebow we won’t have a team after Manning is gone.

  12. Dan says:

    One of the worst decisions ever made in Bronco history. I went to my first Bronco game in 1967. I’m done. From now on, whoever is beating the Elway/Broncos is my team. Thsi whole thing makes me sick.

  13. Scot says:

    Tebow may have been an economic boon to the Broncos’ merchandising department, but he was nothing but dead weight to the football team. His handful of freak wins against a succession of crippled teams aren’t going to impress anyone who knows or loves football. This is the best news Denver’s had since Josh McDaniels was fired.

  14. Alicia says:

    Manning is and will continue to be a great QB. Tebow should be kept to be able to improve and grow with Denver. If manning gets hurt you have an amazing QB to back him up and make plays everywhere on the field.

  15. Carol says:

    The 2 Johns couldn’t cahandleba qualit y quarerback like tim Tebow. Elway was jealous and afraidthat Tebow would break John’s records. Itdefiniitely makes sense to pay a washed up quarterback $95,million. One major hurtnand Mannimg will bedone and n sit on the bench for 5 years.

  16. Linda says:

    Elway LIED to us and Tebow to be our starting quarterback this season. This fan won’t be watching Manning go down with more injuries etc. I think you have made another BAD decision for the Broncos. I won’t be a fan to this. I like Tebow and we need to stand behind him.

  17. Meredith says:

    I was very sad today to hear that the Broncos could be losing Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning. I’m not an advid football fan but I did watch Tim Tebow because he brought excitement to the games last season. I was very much looking forward to seeing what Tim could do this new season. He is an awesome guy and everybody fell in love with him, including me, and I’m an 68 year old senior. My husband and I have both agreed that no Broncos football will be watched in our house if Tim Tebow doesn’t stay with the team. Wherever Tim Tebow goes, we will watch his games. I never liked John Elway and I don’t like him even more now. Why didn’t one of the other teams that Peyton interviewed with jump on this like Elway and his constituants did? Because they know that Peyton has had 3 surgeries on his neck in the past and possibly could have more injuries in the future. All I can say is that I’m very sad for Tim Tebow today.

  18. viper92159 says:

    I agree 100 percent

  19. Zodda says:

    I agree, if Manning was that great why did the Colts release him. It’s because his career is almost over and they re looking to the future, trading Tebow is stupid, I like John Eway but this is a bad decision

  20. DAVID says:

    WE GOT PEYTON ! ! ! ! . . . .Now we need to keep Tim Tebow as a understudy and back up . . . . imagine how good Tim will be after some time with Elway and Peyton both teaching him ! ! ! ! . . . . GOOOOO BRONCOS ! ! ! !

  21. Deano says:

    Bad move.
    Look what an impact Emmit Smith had on the Cardinals when he played there.
    I see the same happening here.
    Elway better hope this works.

  22. Carol says:

    It’s been obvious to many that Elway has been personally opposed to Tebow from the start, and this only confirms it. What a terrible decision–from every perspective, including from a purely business point of view. How many healthy, good years has Manning got left? One or two if he’s lucky? On the other hand, Tebow got better with every game last season, took us to the playoffs for the first time in six years, and has at minimum a decade of healthy playing ahead of him. Shame on Elway. What an incredibly stupid move.

  23. Glenn says:

    Congrats on your new QB Denver, hmmmmmm I wonder why Indy didn’t keep him? Oh yeah, old and injury prone and the small matter of 90 million plus. Hope he will be the whole team like he was at Indy when he was healthy, Denver sure can’t afford too many good players with his salary.

  24. Really says:

    This whole idea of the bronoco’s getting another quarter back is insane. Yes Manning is great but really how many have we been through since Elway retired. They have changed their minds more than what a woman would have. Pick a player mold him sculpt him like a team is supposed to do. I think the Broncos are trying to build a team of elitists. If you do not fit the bill good-bye you did good but good bye. I feel like they have been focusing so much on trying to find the next Elway they have neglected the rest of the team. So we lack in defense and organization and then foot the blame to the quarter back so if he loses a game he gets fired. Way to go Broncos let see you work on the team as a whole not just a quarterback.

  25. Joe says:

    Incredible! Welcome Peyton and your family to Denver! We’re very glad you are here! We are all excited and looking forward to a great season! Definitely a game changer and the Broncos excitement is back again! Tebow, we’ve appreciated all you have done, it was great and definitely wish you the best in your future! You will be great too! But, now’s the time for Manning!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Go Broncos!!!! Signed – Dedicated Broncos fan….

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