Having the right tools can make all the difference in having a successful job search, especially in the heavily-competitive market.
Job-seekers must find away to stand out from the crowd. Searching for job openings, writing effective resumes, finding the right interview clothes and learning how to handle difficult interview questions are all skills that don’t necessarily come with most degrees. That is where these great links and resources come in. Take a look at these great job search resources that are sure to help you land your next job.

Andrew Hudson (credit: CBS)

Andrew Hudson (credit: CBS)

Andrew Hudson’s Job List

There are plenty of great job search websites out there, and most are huge databases that cater to the entire country. Andrew Hudson’s Job List is different. It is only for the Rocky Mountain Region, and it focuses specifically on marketing, public relations, graphic design, non profit and other similar work. It is updated weekly with a new list of job openings popping up every Monday. You can search by the newest jobs or by category, and it is always an accurate and very full list of opportunities. The best part? Andrew Hudson is a real person, with a personal stake in the site and in your success, so you know that this is one of the best stops on the Internet to find your next gig.

Connecting Colorado

Connecting Colorado is another great job search engine, again only for Colorado job seekers. This one is a state and county-run system, so it has a wider variety of job postings. Adding the ability to post resumes, search by region and find priority services for veterans, Connecting Colorado is an excellent place to continue your job search. This site also has a lot of great search options, so you can organize by education, industry, location, hours and much more.

Denver Patriot Jobs

Denver Patriot Jobs is a specialized job search site that is dedicated to finding employment for men and women who served in the armed forces and their families. It is a large search engine with plenty of great job postings, plus a pretty handy resume builder to help create an eye-catching resume and the ability to post your resume to be viewed by eager employers looking to hire veterans. In addition, a donation of five dollars from every job posting is made to the Disabled American Veterans organization, so on top of finding a great job, you are also helping bring money into a much-needed organization.

Denver Public Library Guide

The basics of searching for a job can be difficult to master, not to mention all the competition for each and every job. It is crucial for you to find ways to stand out from the crowd and really go the extra mile in showing why a company should select you above the other job seekers. That is where the Denver Public Library’s free online guide comes in. This free guide covers all the basics from obtaining an email address and getting proper documentation to using job search engines, building your resume and improving interviewing skills. In addition, the guide includes links for classes, employment tests and how to find other great job search information all for free at the Denver Library.

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Dress for Success Denver
1510 High St.
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 832-1889

Looking for work can be time consuming, not to mention expensive. If you don’t have the means to purchase the right interview clothing, you can automatically be at a disadvantage to potential interviewers. That is where Dress for Success comes in. This international nonprofit helps disadvantaged women by providing a free suit for interviews. Once a job has been secured, you can go in for a second suit or separates to help you remain well dressed and employed. The organization has helped more than 650,000 women around the world since 1997 and reaches more than 65,000 women across the world every year. If you don’t have the means for the right interview clothing, then look to Dress for Success.

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