Winter and snowstorms in Colorado can last well into April and that means you need to be prepared for snow, and sometimes, for lots of it. In 1913, Denver was hit with more than 45 inches of snow over four days in December, while more recently the blizzard of March 2003 piled more than 31 inches of the white stuff.  Check out these great options to be prepared in an emergency, you’ll be glad you did.

Tennyson True Value Hardware
4034 Tennyson St.
Denver, CO 80212
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The first thing to have on hand in case of a blizzard is an emergency kit. Power outages happen often, with heavy snow easily toppling power lines and snow-packed roads making travel difficult. Your kit should include, at the very least; a flashlight with extra batteries, a battery-powered radio, water, canned food (and a manual can opener,) first aid supplies and blankets. Many hardware stores, like the great Tennyson True Value Hardware, will carry everything you need to put together your emergency kit.

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Learn First Aid
Code Blue CPR
6825 E. Tennessee Ave.
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 322-3152

With the roads covered in snow, it may make an emergency situation even worse should an accident happen. Take a first aid course to ensure that you know how to handle all of the basics of medical, injury and environmental emergencies. There are many places in town that offer great classes, just like Code Blue CPR. Courses are taught by professionals and there are many different levels and types of classes. Hopefully, you will never need the training you receive, but if you ever do, you’ll be so glad you received it.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Auto Emergency Kits
AAA Colorado
4100 E. Arkansas Ave.
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 753-8800

If you are caught on the roads when the blizzard hits, it’s a good thing you’ll have this kit, courtesy of AAA Colorado. The kit will contain everything you need to make sure you are safe until help arrives. The AAA Winter Safety Kit includes an emergency car care guide, flashlight with batteries, a warm fleece set, ice scrapper, folding shovel, LED Safety strobe light and emergency candles. It is the perfect kit to keep in your car should an unfortunate situation arise, and with AAA backing it, you know it’s going to have everything you need.

Prevent Frozen Pipes
Bell Plumbing
2150 S. Abilene St.
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 515-7599

As the temperatures drop, frozen pipes become a very real issue. If you have ever had to deal with pipes freezing and bursting, you know just how expensive and difficult the situation can be. So check out these tips from Bell Plumbing and prevent your pipes from costing you a fortune. Bell Plumbing recommends leaving your water on, even just a drip; “Even a small drip during extreme cold spurts can relieve excessive pressure building inside the pipe. It is this pressure that causes the pipe to burst, not the frozen water inside, so a small drip can prevent a burst pipe even if the water freezes inside the pipe.”

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Residential Snow Removal Denver
(303) 816-8615

So the snow has finally stopped, and now you have to clear out your driveway and sidewalks. If you aren’t physically able to remove the snow yourself, call someone to help. It can be very physically exhausting to shovel snow, and if you are in poor health or if you have a heart condition, it is best to bring in someone else. Residential Snow Removal is just one of many great options for very affordable shoveling services. For sidewalks, driveways and even ice removal, play it safe and bring in a professional to help clear your walkway.

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