Top Books About Denver

November 19, 2012 1:00 PM


The history and culture of Denver is alive with interesting stories, fascinating tales and stunning imagery. Why not check out some of these great books that illustrate just how varied and diverse Denver truly is? From photography books to restaurant guides and ghost tours to history, there is something here for everyone, and it’s all about your home.

“Historic Photos of Denver in the 50s, 60s, and 70s”
By Michael Madigan

Denver is a city of rapid change. From the early days when Denver was more cow town to its modern-day urban feel, there has been ample opportunity for some truly spectacular photographs. Photographer Michael Madigan brings this impressive collection of nearly 200 photographs of Denver from the booming time of the 50s, 60s and 70s; the time when Denver was going through some of the largest growth and change in its history. It’s a perfect coffee-table book with vivid black-and-white photographs and a stunning story of the city of Denver.

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broncos1 Top Books About Denver


“Game of My Life Denver Broncos: Memorable Stories of Broncos Football”
By Jim Saccomano

The people of Denver love their sports and the Denver Broncos is more a way of life than just a local sports team. Since 1960, the Broncos started working towards a Super Bowl win but it wasn’t until 1998 that that dream finally came true, leading to back-to-back championship seasons. This book captures all of the great games and stories of the team’s impressive history with stories from Floyd Little, John Elway and more. It is the perfect gift and a must-read for any Broncos fan.

“Historic Haunts Around Denver”
By Kevin Pharris

In a city like Denver, there are bound to be plenty of tales of ghosts and haunts throughout the many historic spots. From the urban city centers to the suburbs, there are stories everywhere, and this book is a great collection to tell you all about them. Author Kevin Pharris explores haunted locales from all over the area including The Westminster Bowles House Museum, the former Denver Victorian Playhouse and Littleton’s Melting Pot restaurant. Spooky spirits and ghostly haunts come alive in this great book for ghost lovers everywhere.

“Wicked Denver: Mile-High Misdeeds and Malfeasance”
By Sheila O’Hare, Alphild Dick

Any big city has its share of bar-room brawls, dark murders and ghastly crimes, and Denver is guilty as well. This book brings to life the darker stories of Denver’s past like the case of the Denver Strangler or the Capitol Hill Slugger, both of whom seem more like lore than they do fact. But this book will tell the truth. Authors Sheila O’Hare and Alphild Dick are your tour guides through the sordid stories that shaped the city of Denver.

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“Food Lovers’ Guide to Denver & Boulder: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings”
By Ruth Tobias

Explore all of the amazing restaurants and other food spots in town with this incredibly helpful guide. It is the ultimate book to provide you with the hidden gems, the secret spots and the local culinary treats that you never new existed. In addition to great restaurants, this book covers food festivals, farmers markets, specialty food shops, landmark eateries, wineries, brewpubs and even recipes and food made with local ingredients and Denver traditions. Author Ruth Tobias is the perfect guide on this culinary tour though Denver.

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