Hottest Denver Rock Bands Who Have Yet To Make It Big

August 8, 2013 6:00 AM

Il Cattivo (credit:

Il CattivoIl Cattivo (credit:

Denver has consistently generated some of the nation’s most popular bands in recent years. The result has set a bar for the city’s music culture that has made the quality of music being created here soar to new heights. It’s likely you already have a few up-and-coming local bands on your radar and there are numerous on the cusp of making it on national scale. Even if you haven’t heard of the bands listed below yet, it’s likely you will as the people behind the music have been on the Denver scene for years and are ready to grab the attention of the nation.

The Foot.

The Foot. has made music in the Mile High City since the members’ paths crossed on the campus of DU. With members hailing from four U.S. locations, the group’s sound is also as eclectic as its background, citing 60’s and ‘70’s classic rock as well as 90’s alternative and R&B among its musical influences. Entering the Denver music scene in 2010 with the release of its debut album, “Primary Colors,” The Foot. quickly commanded the spotlight and demanded attention. Since then, it has expanded its fan base and toured nationally, even playing at New York’s acclaimed CMJ festival where the band was called “One of the 15 bands you wish you saw at CMJ” by Urb Magazine.

Chemistry Club

A fusion of science, electronic rock and pop makes up Chemistry Club’s equation for sound. With rock at the core, it utilizes synth to make it pop and it is as infectious as it is polished. With the release of its first EP this June, the three musical chemists are well on the road to spreading their brand of melodic science to a much wider audience. Catch Chemistry Club playing shows throughout the summer in Denver and pick up its EP available to download at the website now.

IL Cattivo

IL Cattivo combines some of Denver’s most seasoned punk and rock musicians for what equals an eruption that promises no more than to get you moving. The group is among the most respected rockers on the scene formed in 2009 with former members of Ghost Buffalo, Machine Gun Blues and Planes Mistaken. It breeds a sound that combines melodic heavy rock with unsuspecting soul, explaining “IL Cattivo wants the world to sing, scream and dance to the beat of the hardened hearts.” Though it claims to be among the hardened, it produces a sound and writes lyrics to penetrate the coldest soul.

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Native Daughters

Native Daughters is an instrument-only rock band. With two drummers, two guitarists and one bass player, the group originally bonded over a common interest in the band Isis. Since 2010, it has created an unparalleled heavy rock sound that carries you to an alternate state of being. Its unique spin on rock is an audio innovation. Created by veteran musicians and experienced artistry, Native Daughters is unquestionably one of Denver’s most intriguing rock offerings.

Rebel Steele

Relative newcomers to the Mile High City rock scene, Rebel Steele is by no means a rookie when it comes to artistry and experience. Comprised of some of the finest musicians in the Denver Metro area, the band’s sound is best described as aggressive hard rock that is as raw as the musicians are seasoned. The combination promises to delight your musical palette and overwhelm your senses. It has played shows around Denver in the past couple years but has recently been back in the lab refining and evolving its music composition. Look for Rebel Steele to debut a new set of songs and progressive sound in Denver during mid to late summer.

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