Parole Officers Say Tight Budgets Lead to Less Supervision of Criminals

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A CBS4 On Your Side Investigation finds Colorado inmates on parole are blamed for committing at least a dozen murders and attempted murders in just the last three years. 4 On Your Side Investigator Brian Maass continues to find out why this is happing in his series of reports, Justice Failed.

Adam Ponce tops the list of parolees the Department of Corrections simply cannot find. While on parole Ponce is accused of a shooting in Lakewood and a stabbing in Greeley. Weld County Sheriff John Cooke says, “I want to get him in the worst way to get him off the streets.”

Ponce joins the list of names like Evan Ebel, Warren Watson, Ernest Schmidt and Dexter Lewis all accused of violent crimes while on parole.

“There are people who come out of our system that don’t want to follow the rules,” says Tim Hand, Director of Colorado Department of Correction’s parole division.

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But a former parole officer tells us there are other factors at play, “The public is in more danger because we can’t send them back when we need them to go back.”

Tonight at 10pm on CBS4: We’ll show you some of the most wanted fugitives the parole system can’t find.
Plus, why parole officers say more criminals are being put back on the streets with less supervision.

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