Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Won't Move Forward On Camping Ban After Spending Week On The StreetsAurora Mayor Mike Coffman will not move forward on his camping ban after he camped out on the streets for week with no food and no money.
Colorado Launches New Unemployment System; Many Report It's Not WorkingThe Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has launched its new unemployment benefits system. However, it's not working for many.
Homeless Advocates Call Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman's Week Living Undercover With Homeless A ‘Political Stunt’Homeless advocates are angry at Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman after he decided to spend a week wandering the streets and sleeping on sidewalks to learn more about our homeless.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Calls For Major Changes In Homeless Policies After Spending A Week Living On The StreetMayor Mike Coffman says he favors a public education campaign urging people not to bring food and other provisions that enable people who want to put up tents in urban areas.
‘Homeless Mike’ Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Goes Undercover To Live On The Streets, Sleep On Sidewalks With The HomelessMike Coffman's goal was to find out why the problem of homelessness was growing and what he, as a mayor, could do to address it.
Colorado Woman Receives Dozens Of Unemployment Debit Cards In The MailWhen the first white envelope showed up, she didn't think much of it, other than to return it to sender, but then more showed up.
Colorado Unemployment Claimants Struggle To Get Answers About Missing Benefits During Holiday SeasonIn Colorado, many people are still having trouble getting through to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to obtain their previously approved benefits.
Internal Emails: Colorado Unemployment Resources Were 'Tapped Out' At Start Of PandemicIt has taken media inquiries for some unemployment claimants in Colorado to get their money. CBS4 Investigates obtained internal emails that illuminate some possible reasons why.
1980s Unemployment Tech 'Caused Hardship For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Coloradans' In 2020Internal emails obtained by CBS4 Investigates illuminate one major reason why the Colorado Department of Labor struggled in its pandemic response: technology from the 1980s.
4 Mountain Lions Cross Woman's Backyard: 'I'm A Little Worried'In Colorado, spotting a wild animal in your neighborhood is far from unusual.
Average Price For A Home In Denver Surpasses $500,000The Denver Metro Association of Realtors released news this week that put a new perspective on the home-buying experience in the Mile High City.