Mile Hi Skydiving Wins New Lease Despite Neighborhood ComplaintsThe Longmont City Council has approved a new lease for Mile-Hi Skydiving despite complaints about noise from the neighborhood.
Pilot OK After Small Plane Crashes Right After First-Ever TakeoffA pilot is okay in Longmont Tuesday morning after the small plane he was piloting came down in a field right after takeoff and flipped over.
Longmont Resident In Lawsuit Calls Skydiving Plane 'Penetrating' & 'Debilitating'A trial started Monday against Boulder County's Mile-Hi Skydiving, which takes passengers up in a Twin Otter plane that's become the source of years of controversy.
Skydiver Injured After Hard Landing In LongmontA skydiver had to be hospitalized after a hard landing at the Vance Brand Airport in Longmont on Sunday.
Skydiver Lands On Longmont Roof Because Of WindsA skydiver was blown off course in Longmont and landed on top of a two-story home. Firefighters helped the 31-year-old man to safety.
AP Report: Pilot In Longmont Crash Didn't See Other PlaneA pilot who survived a midair collision said she never saw the other aircraft but heard a loud bang and felt her plane roll to the right, an aviation investigator said Tuesday.
Authorities ID Victims Of Colorado Plane CrashesTwo men who were killed in a small plane crash north of Denver were an instructor and a student, and investigators are trying to determine whether their plane clipped another aircraft that crashed near an airport minutes later.
2 Dead After 2 Planes Collide In Mid-Air Over LongmontA pilot whose plane crashed -- possibly after a midair collision with another aircraft -- was conscious when people ripped off the door of her Cessna 180 to pull her to safety, but authorities said two people in the other plane were killed.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Street In LongmontA pilot of a small plane had to make an emergency landing on a Longmont street Sunday night.
Skydiver Dies In "Swooping" Accident In LongmontThe Boulder County coroner's office is investigating the death of a skydiver who hit the ground while practicing swooping maneuvers in Longmont.