NASA, ULA Launch Parker Solar Probe To 'Touch The Sun'A NASA spacecraft zoomed toward the sun Sunday on an unprecedented quest to get closer to our star than anything ever sent before.
Teen Brothers Compete In United Launch Alliance Design ChallengeThe challenge was to design a payload that could eject from a rocket at 3,000 feet, land in a lake and return to a specific location.
'WALL-E' And 'EVE' Joining NASA Mission To MarsNamed after the characters in the 2008 animated movie, the small satellites are hitching a ride on the rocket set to launch early Saturday.
Colorado-Based ULA Launches Advanced Weather Satellite Into OrbitA successful liftoff Thursday afternoon for Colorado-based United Launch Alliance sends a state-of-the-art weather satellite into space.
ULA Launches 125th Mission To SpaceColorado-based ULA successfully launched its 125th mission on Friday.
Colorado's ULA Sends Rocket To Space On Third TryAfter two failed attempts, Colorado's-own United Launch Alliance sent a spy satellite into space on the third try Friday.
Locally-Built Rocket Launched Into Space Helps Weather ForecastsA state of the art weather satellite is now in orbit thanks to the Delta II rocket built by the Colorado-based United Launch Alliance.
'Dream Chaser' Proves To Be Dream Come True For Colorado EngineersA small spacecraft made one giant leap for science thanks to mankind in Colorado.
Colorado Student Experiments Part Of Record-Breaking LaunchSixteen experiments designed by Colorado students took to the sky Saturday morning.
Colorado Schools To Participate In Spaceport Rocket LaunchMore than a dozen payloads from Colorado schools will be aboard one of the rockets to be launched from Spaceport America during a competition.
Colorado-Based ULA Launches Supplies To ISSColorado-based United Launch Alliance sent a rocket to space Tuesday morning.