Uber, Lyft Offering Free Rides To The Polls On Election DayNeed a lift to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6? Call an Uber for free.
Prosecutors: Uber Driver Shot Passenger From Outside CarEvidence against an Uber driver charged with shooting a passenger shows the driver was outside the car when he fired a handgun 10 times, striking the passenger inside six times, prosecutors said Friday.
Great American Beer Festival Begins In Denver On ThursdayThe Great American Beer Festival opens its doors Thursday evening.
Pepsi Center Has New Spot For Ride-Share Pick-up's & Drop-off'sDenver is working to make sure people have safe places to be dropped off and picked up when they use ride-sharing options.
Uber Driver Who Was Attacked Says She's Alive Because She Fought BackA grandmother who works as an Uber driver in Colorado Springs fought off an attacker and is telling her story of survival.
Recycling Efforts Going To Waste? Sanitation Workers Caught Dumping Containers Into TrashAn Uber driver was recording as recycling container after container were dumped in the trash truck right along with the trash headed for the landfill.
Baby Born In 24-Year-Old Uber Driver's Car: 'I Didn't Stop Honking'A Denver Uber driver got more than he bargained for on his last pickup of the night Monday. Will Zabadne says his passenger needed a ride to the hospital, to deliver her baby.
Uber Launches 'Jump' BikesUber has launched what they call "Jump Bikes" in Denver. There are about 250 of them scattered across the downtown area.
Man Starts 'Amish Uber' Ride Service With His Horse And BuggyUsing his horse and buggy, Timothy Hochstedler has opened his own business called "Amish Uber."
Passenger Killed By Denver Uber Driver Had Blood Alcohol Level Of .308The driver, 29-year-old Michael Hancock, shot 45-year-old Hyun Kim during a ride on June 1.
Uber Drivers Accused Of 'Vomit Fraud' By Overcharged PassengersDrivers are being accused of "vomit fraud," as many of the Uber employees allegedly claim their passengers threw up in the car after being picked up from a night of partying.
13-Year-Old And 18-Year-Old Charged In Shooting Of Uber Driver In LakewoodCharges have been filed against two people believed to be involved in the shooting of an Uber driver in Lakewood in June.
No Bond For Uber Driver Who Shot, Killed PassengerA Denver Uber driver remains behind bars without bond after he shot and killed a passenger on Interstate 25 earlier this month.
Denver Uber Driver Now Faces 1st Degree Murder ChargeA Denver Uber driver who is charged with shooting and killing a passenger on Interstate 25 last week now faces a murder charge.
Sister Defends Uber Driver Held On Suspicion Of Killing PassengerDays after an Uber driver was arrested and charged with first degree murder, his sister took to social media to defend him.