Refugee Rally Held At Capitol As POTUS Reverses Separation PolicyAs President Donald Trump reversed course on a policy requiring families to be separated at the border, hundreds of Coloradans came together for refugees.
Some Coloradans Fear Changes To State Laws As U.S. Weighs Marijuana MedicineThe government is getting closer to a decision on approval of a prescription drug derived from marijuana, but some Colorado parents are concerned.
Colorado Immigrant Driver's Bill Signed Into LawImmigrants who are in the country illegally but have Colorado driver's licenses can soon renew those licenses online or by mail
Non-Politician Leads Legislation To Ask Voters To Change RedistrictingKent Thiry is not a politician or even partisan, but he has lead one of the biggest changes ever in Colorado politics.
Colorado Lawmakers Send Redistricting Reforms To BallotThe Colorado Legislature is sending voters two ballot measures aimed at preventing partisan gerrymandering.
Colorado Boosts Savings To $730 Million, May Need MoreThanks to a boost from a recent tobacco industry settlement, Colorado plans to sock away an extra $90 million next year in the state's reserves. But by one credit rating agency's analysis, it's still woefully unprepared for the next economic downturn.
42,000 Prescription Bottles Reveal Opioid Addiction IssueA new memorial has 42,000 prescription bottles on display that represent the 42,000 lives lost nationwide to opioid addiction.
Lawmakers Strike 11th Hour Deal To Save State PensionState lawmakers strike an 11th hour deal to stabilize Colorado’s pension system which has $32 billion in unfunded obligations.