New Colorado Parents Learn Car Seats Are For The Car OnlyBut in 2015, the Journal of Pediatrics reported there were at least 47 deaths over a four year period due to infants sleeping in their car seats outside of the car.
Donor, Recipient Swing, Literally, Into The Future 1 Year After Liver TransplantIt has been exactly one year since 8-year-old Addilyn Hawks underwent a liver transplant that would save her life.
‘People Are Fed Up’: Colorado Nurses Association Denounces Violence“We can’t tolerate it, we won’t tolerate it”, the Colorado Nurses Association is saying about their stance against violence against nurses.
Anesthesiologist Charged In Strangulation Of NurseA veteran Colorado anesthesiologist has been charged with felony assault after witnesses say he nearly choked a nurse into unconsciousness in the recovery room at Sky Ridge Medical Center.
Long Distance Phone Call Helps Colorado Nurses Save NewbornTwo nurses from Sky Ridge Medical Center were able to save the life of a newborn boy -- thanks to a long-distance phone call.
Nurse Donates Portion Of Liver To Little Girl With Rare DiseaseA registered nurse and director of emergency services at Sky Ridge Medical Center, Pamela Assid devotes her life to helping people.
Doctors, Hospitals Work To Reduce Addictive Painkiller UsageThe opioid epidemic in Colorado is getting more attention from a group trying to combat the problem at the source.
Girl With 6 Fingers Is Counting Her BlessingsThis holiday season, an 11-year-old, born with just six fingers, is counting her blessings.
Groom Falls Ill, Couple Gets Married In HospitalA medical emergency didn't keep a couple from saying their vows.
CDOT Launches New Campaign To Get Teens To Buckle UpThe Colorado Department of Transportation has launched a new campaign to encourage students to buckle up.
Woman Hopes 'Hunger Pacemaker' Is Weight Loss SolutionIf you've tried everything and still can't lose weight, a small implant some call the "hunger pacemaker" may be the answer to fighting obesity. It was approved by the FDA in January and promises to zap away hunger.