Canine Partner Helps Man With Multiple Sclerosis Regain IndependenceYampa has allowed Steve to reclaim his independence, thanks to a nonprofit that raises puppies and trains them to be then handed over to Coloradans who don’t have complete function of their arms and legs.
Delta Tightens Leash On Service AnimalsDelta Airlines is tightening the leash on service dogs and will be demanding more proof that a dog is really a service animal.
Iraq War Veteran Bonds With New Service Dog From ColoradoNearly after a decade after being honorably discharged, a 33-year-old Iraq War veteran is still struggling to fit back into his hometown.
Even The Disabled Can't Agree On Colorado's Fake Service Dog BillThere's a renewed effort to regulate what is and what is not a service dog, and pet owners who pretend their pet is a service dog could be fined.
Pretending Pet Is Service Animal Crime Bill PostponedAn effort to make it a crime to pretend a pet is a service animal has been placed on hold at the state Capitol.
New Bill Seeks To Limit Pet Owners Falsely Claiming Service AnimalsHouse lawmakers will consider on Tuesday whether to pass a bill that would make it a crime to pretend a pet is a service animal.
Bill Would Make It A Crime To Pretend A Pet Is A Service AnimalFake service dogs are becoming more and more common. There are even companies that sell phony certificates and vests, and lawmakers are now taking action.
Parents Find Few Legal Options In Largely Unregulated Service Dog IndustryService dogs are becoming more and more common in the general public, ranging from diabetes dogs, to allergy dogs, to PTSD dogs. But the industry is largely unregulated leaving a lot of questions unanswered.
Video: Family's $17K 'Service Dog' For Allergy Sufferer Fails To Notice Peanuts In Grocery StoreThe Colorado Attorney General’s Office is currently looking into several reports that a Colorado Springs organization is selling service dogs that are not properly trained. Meanwhile a new family has come forward making the same claim.
DMV Doesn't Let Woman Take Driving Test With Her 'Service Dog'A woman is without a driver's license after the Division of Motor Vehicles office in Golden refused to allow her to take her dog along on a driving test for renewal.
Aurora May Lift Citywide Ban On Pit Bulls Eight years ago the city of Aurora banned pit bulls, but they may allow the breed back within city limits soon.