Bridge At DIA Remains Closed After Bus CrashA bridge that was damaged over the weekend when a bus that was too tall attempted to drive under it, remained closed to traffic on Monday morning. The bus also remains there while engineers examine the structure.
RTD Bus Hits Low-Clearance Bridge At AirportA bus driver was injured and a bridge to the multi-level parking garage at Denver International Airport was badly damaged Sunday morning when the driver took a wrong turn.
A Line Shuts Down This Weekend, Shuttles Provided To DIAThe A Line is shutting down this weekend, which could impact your travel plans if you’re headed out to Denver International Airport.
A Line Delays Resolved But Some Delays RemainRTD's A Line is experiencing some delays Friday night after two trains were disabled by over the track electrical connections.
State Allows RTD Rail Lines To Move ForwardThe finish line is now in sight for the commuter rail lines running out of Union Station.
RTD Train Drives Over Person Lying On Tracks; Person Not HurtThe Regional Transportation District had to disrupt service to the B Line at Union Station.
Light Rail Station Construction Wraps Up With New Benefits For RidersThe Regional Transportation District reopened its light rail service in Douglas County following nine days of nearby construction.
2 Men Sentenced In Train Station KillingA judge sentenced two men on Friday to decades in prison for the shooting death of a man at a Denver train station that sparked debate about illegal immigration.