Plans For Jefferson Parkway Temporarily Shelved Following Plutonium TestingPlans for the Jefferson Parkway were pulled Sunday afternoon following tests of soil samples which came back positive for plutonium.
Rocky Flats Findings Divide Coloradans: 'It's Not A Big Surprise'After the state announced the highest level of plutonium ever publicly tested at Rocky Flats, questions remain on the safety in the area.
State: Plutonium Levels Near Rocky Flats 5 Times Higher Than Health StandardNew information details how much pluntonium scientists found in a dirt sample from Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.
'I Think It's Inevitable': Dr. Michael Ketterer Weighs In On Rocky Flats Soil SampleWhen the announcement came that soil testing near the Rocky Flats former nuclear production facility yielded a higher than normal result for plutonium, Dr. Michael Ketterer wasn’t surprised.
Colorado Department Of Public Health Analyzing Rocky Flats Soil SampleAn elevated level of plutonium was recorded near the eastern edge of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.
Elevated Plutonium Detected In Jefferson Parkway Soil SampleOfficials with the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority are reporting inconsistent soil sample test results.
U.S. Can't Find Files On Investigation Into Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons PlantThe U.S. Department of Justice has lost track of more than 60 boxes of documents from a 27-year-old criminal investigation into safety and environmental violations at a former nuclear weapons plant in Colorado.
Parker Prairie Dogs Get A New Home -- At Rocky FlatsHundreds of prairie dogs will soon be adjusting to their new homes at the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.
Soil Around Rocky Flats Tested For RadiationFor the first time in 13 years, the soil in and around the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons site is being tested for radiation.
Arvada City Leaders Approve One-Time Funding For Jefferson Parkway PlanArvada city councilors heard from many residents who were largely against the proposed Jefferson Parkway.
Man Submits 26-Page Paper On Plutonium Contamination Near Proposed Jefferson ParkwayAs the effort to close the beltway around Denver creeps closer to a reality, the fight against the Jefferson Parkway is growing.