Rival Football Teams Come Together After Deadly CrashIt was a game both sides agreed to play, but you could feel the somber mood around the playoff game between Pomona and Poudre.
Student Arrested, Expelled After Clown Attack HoaxA Facebook account associated with a clown threatened to harm students at Poudre High School.
Larimer County Teen Death Blamed On Hidden Form Of PlagueWhen a Larimer County teen came down with a high fever and muscle aches, his family thought he had the flu. But he was dead within days and the rare cause was only revealed later.
'Shock & Disbelief' Says Baseball Coach Of Teen Who Died From The PlagueA community in Larimer County is in mourning after a rare strain of the plague took the life of a teen. Health department investigators believe the boy contracted the plague from fleas on a dead rodent.
More Families Opting Out Of New School Assessment TestsNew school assessment tests are going on this week across Colorado, but some families are opting out of the tests.
Wellington Teen Killed By Train Was Most Likely Distracted By EarphonesWitnesses say a teenager from Wellington who was killed after getting struck by a train Monday evening was distracted and couldn't hear the train behind her.
Poudre School District Votes To Change Class ScheduleThe Poudre School Board in Fort Collins will vote Tuesday night on a plan to have students released two hours early during the first two weeks of the school year.
Judge Tells Facebook To Turn Over Information About Bullying PageA judge has ordered Facebook to turn over information about posts that targeted students in Fort Collins.
Fort Collins Police Search For Peeping SuspectThe search is on for a peeping Tom police in Fort Collins say struck twice in the same morning.
All High School Freshmen In Fort Collins Get New LaptopsHigh school freshmen in Fort Collins have a new tool at their disposal as every single 9th grader will be given a laptop to use for the next four years -- 2,000 laptops in all.
Rugby Team To Play On In Fallen Teammate's NameA rugby team in northern Colorado is preparing for its next game with heavy hearts after a star teammate died on the field Saturday evening.