Colorado Scientists Concerned About Climate Change PolicyScientists in Boulder are concerned about the trend in the Trump Administration with regards to climate change.
Colorado Researchers To Embark On Large-Scale Wildfire Smoke StudyResearchers in Colorado are set to embark on the first large-scale study of how smoke from wildfires in the West impacts our environment.
Get Used To Heat Records, Study Predicts Far More In FutureThe United States is already setting twice as many daily heat records as cold records, but a new study predicts that will get a lot more lopsided as man-made climate change worsens. The study was authored by scientists in Boulder.
Scientists Say Sea Ice May Temporarily Grow In Coming Years, Despite Global WarmingThe finding attributes a direct relationship between changes in the ice to changes in the circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Boulder Scientists Need Help With One 'Hail' Of A Weather StudyIt's one of the least documented forms of precipitation on the planet yet it can be one of the most destructive.
Climate Change Impacts Western WildfiresDr. Kevin Trenberth at the National Center for Atmospheric Research believes climate change is making wildfires fires bigger.
Warmer Oceans Create Monster StormsA key component in understanding climate change is understanding ocean temperatures.
Dress In Layers: Denver's Thanksgivings Boast Wacky WeatherThe next time someone tells you Thanksgiving in Denver is frigid or unseasonably warm, remind them of a 90-degree swing in extremes.
Hundreds Tour NCAR Planes Studying Front Range Air QualityThree research aircraft have been flying over the Front Range the last few weeks -- sometimes at only about 1,000 feet. The flights are testing Colorado's air quality and sparking a lot of curiosity.
Low-Flying Planes Along Front Range Studying Air PollutantsColorado residents who've spotted large low-flying aircraft in recent days needn't worry.
Colorado Among Worst Areas For TurbulenceTurbulence can be like a roller coaster in the sky, and it's generally a bigger problem for flyers traveling above the Rockies.