Airlines Blast Proposed Denver Minimum Wage Hike, Say Travelers Will Pay MoreA consortium of major air carriers flying out of Denver International Airport suggest a proposed hike in Denver's minimum wage would increase the cost of airline tickets.
Minimum Wage Increases Again In ColoradoThe minimum wage in Colorado is up again. With the new year, workers are now getting paid $11.10 an hour at the minimum up from $10.20.
Colorado Among 29 States Increasing Minimum Wage Above Federal LevelThe federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour has remained the same since 2009. Since then, 29 states and the District of Columbia have set minimum wages above the federal level.
Colorado Chain's Compensation Tips The Scales For EmployeesColorado-based Illegal Pete’s is quickly paving the way for employee satisfaction after announcing a $3 raise to the tipped employee minimum wage.
New Report: 1 In 4 Coloradans Needs Public Assistance To Meet Basic NeedsA new report confirms what most of us already know -- it costs a lot of money to live in Colorado. 
Initiative For Bigger Paychecks For DIA Workers Headed To VotersEmployees at Denver International Airport are fighting for better wages. Now, voters will decide whether to increase their minimum wage.
Denver Mayor Considers $15/Hour Minimum Wage For City EmployeesMayor Michael Hancock is considering raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for city employees -- and people who work for businesses that operate in city facilities.
DIA Workers Rally For $15/Hour Minimum WageWorkers from Denver International Airport turned in petitions on Tuesday for a special ballot measure next May. They have been gathering signatures for a $15/hour minimum wage.
Some Amazon Employees Say They Will Make Less After Minimum Wage RaiseSome Amazon employees aren’t happy with the company’s decision to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Ski Company Paying More Than Minimum Wage To Attract EmployeesThe Aspen Skiing Company is hiring and its hoping to entice more people to work there by paying them more.
DIA Workers Rally For $15/Hour Minimum WageWorkers from Denver International Airport rallied at the City County Building for a $15/hour minimum wage.