‘Homeless Mike’ Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Goes Undercover To Live On The Streets, Sleep On Sidewalks With The HomelessMike Coffman's goal was to find out why the problem of homelessness was growing and what he, as a mayor, could do to address it.
Aurora City Council Moves Closer To Repealing Ban On Pit BullsDuring a city council meeting Monday night, members voted to repeal the ban 7 to 3.
Aurora Pit Bull Ban: City Council Debates Competing Ordinances To Repeal Breed RestrictionsAurora City Council will vote on competing ordinances to potentially repeal the city's pit bull ban.
Aurora Considers Lifting Pit Bull Ban With City Ordinance Or Ballot MeasureCouncil members are considering a city ordinance to change the breed ban but the mayor thinks residents should vote on a ballot measure.
Lifting The Pit Bill Ban: Aurora Mayor Wants Residents To Vote On Plan Like Denver'sMayor Mike Coffman said he believes voters might approve a measure similar to the one that just passed in Denver.
29 Aurora Employees In Self Quarantine After Mayor Mike Coffman Tests Positive For COVID-19In Aurora, there are 29 city employees now in self-quarantine. This comes days after Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Tests Positive For COVID-19"I Have COVID-19," tweeted Aurora's mayor, Mike Coffman on Sunday morning.
Aurora Police Ridealong With Mayor Turns Into Chase, CrashAurora police say the city's mayor, Mike Coffman, was riding along with police officers when they were involved in a chase and crash.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Calls $20 Minimum Wage Proposal A 'Job Killer'Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman says he opposes a proposal introduced by city council member Alison Coombs to raise the city's minumum wage to $20 per hour.
'Aurora Cannot Become Portland': Mayor Says Courthouse Was Not Adequately DefendedAurora Mayor Mike Coffman expressed concern there would be more protests and more destruction because police didn't "adequately" protect the courthouse.
Elijah McClain Death: Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Talks About InvestigationsAurora Mayor Mike Coffman talked with CBS News about the death of Elijah McClain and the investigations involving Aurora police officers.