Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman's Plan To Ease Homeless Crisis Fails To Pass City CouncilAurora Mayor Mike Coffman's plan aimed at helping ease the city's homeless crisis failed to pass the city council.
Aurora Mayor Presents His Change To Homeless Camp PolicyAurora Mayor Mike Coffman presented his proposal to curb the number of homeless camps on Monday night.
Sen. Michael Bennet Hosts Roundtable With Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman To Discuss New Child Tax CreditSen. Michael Bennet wants to ensure every parent in Colorado knows about the new child tax credit.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Wants A Camping Ban, City's Housing Committee Does NotThe city of Aurora is trying to figure out a solution for their rising homeless population. Mayor Mike Coffman proposed a camping ban similar to Denver's.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Introduces Camping Ban OrdinanceAurora Mayor Mike Coffman introduced an ordinance on Thursday that would ban people experiencing homelessness from camping on public or private property.
Debate Over Homeless Camping Ban Heating Up In AuroraAurora’s mayor isn’t backing away from proposing a camping ban, but how it fits into the city’s larger plan to address homelessness is still dividing people.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman To Introduce Camping Ban Ordinance Proposal This WeekAurora Mayor Mike Coffman says on Thursday he will introduce an ordinance prohibiting camping in the city.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Sues Own City Over Campaign Finance OrdinanceA complaint filed on behalf of City of Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman accuses his political opponents on the City Council of using a new campaign finance ordinance in an attempt to limit his freedom of speech.
Police: Street Racers Blocked Interstate 225 In Aurora Sunday NightAurora police say up to 800 vehicles were gridlocked on Interstate 225 Sunday night when street racers took over the highway.
If Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman's Observations Of Homeless Were Harsh, After Living Among Them His Solutions Aren't Any EasierA month after Aurora's mayor went undercover to get an up-close and un-filtered study of the homeless, he's now talking about how to address the problem.
Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman Won't Move Forward On Camping Ban After Spending Week On The StreetsAurora Mayor Mike Coffman will not move forward on his camping ban after he camped out on the streets for week with no food and no money.