'Robbie's Hope' Campaign Having Bigger Impact Than ExpectedThey came together to raise awareness about teen suicide, and they ended up raising a lot of money too.
Parents Who Lost Son To Suicide Hope to Save OthersOne family is hoping to spread the message of hope in the wake of the loss of one of their own.
Lakewood High Tech Ed Class Also Teaches CompassionThe class was about creating a woodworking project, but it was also about building a partnership.
Launch With Lakewood High Experiment On Board A Success!After a delay, the 16th SpaceX cargo re-supply mission blasted off Wednesday morning with an experiment by Lakewood High School students.
Launch Delayed To ISS, Lakewood High Experiment On BoardNASA has delayed a launch to the International Space Station because of mold. The mission includes an experiment created by Lakewood High School students.
Lakewood Students Have A Plan To Get People To Mars... And BeyondLess than two weeks after Coloradans helped land a predominantly Colorado-built spacecraft on the surface of Mars, high school students in Lakewood prepared to send one of their projects to space, as well.
Colorado High School Going To Space – AgainThings are pretty intense in the last days of school in Matt Brown’s “Extreme Engineering Program.” His classes are run under the Warren Tech program at Lakewood High School.
Unified Theater Group Pays Tribute To Actor Killed by CarLakewood High School honored a student who made a big impact on stage, and the lives of others, after his death.
High School Theater Students Fundraise For Teenager's FamilyStudents in Lakewood High School's theater program are coming together for the family of a 16-year-old boy who recently died.
'We Want Real Change': Student Doesn't Want Walkout Message LostA Lakewood High School student is organizing a student walkout in the wake of last week’s school shooting in Florida.
Police Search Park Near High School For Evidence In ShootingPolice in Lakewood searched for evidence in connection to a shooting on Friday afternoon.