Colorado Election Official Says He Felt Pressured By State GOP Chair Ken Buck To Submit Incorrect Election ResultsA dispute over a Colorado state Senate candidate's effort to get on a primary ballot has led a local election official to allege that Rep. Ken Buck, who also chairs the state's Republican Party, was pressuring him to submit incorrect election results.
U.S. Representative Ken Buck Warns Of 'Overreaction' To CoronavirusA Colorado congressman urges for "measured response" to coronavirus.
Ken Buck Poses With AR-15, Encourages Beto O’Rourke & Joe Biden To 'Come And Take It'Rep. Ken Buck posted a video on his Twitter page Friday morning with what he says is "a message" for supporters of aggressive gun control.
Colorado's Congressional Delegation Responds To Trump's Speech After Iran Missile AttackColorado's Congressional delegation is responding to the Iranian airstrikes launched at air bases in Iraq that are hosting U.S. military.
Colorado Congressmen React To Attack In IraqBoth a Republican and Democratic member of Colorado's Congressional delegation have a similar message after an attack on an Iranian government official. If the attack leads to war, they say, it is Congress’ call.
Colorado Representatives Ken Buck And Joe Neguse Debate Impeachment ArticlesRepublican Ken Buck and Democrat Joe Neguse are on the House Judiciary Committee and spoke during the impeachment proceedings on Thursday.
Colorado's Ken Buck Among Republicans Objecting During Trump's Impeachment HearingThe House Judiciary Committee held its second impeachment hearing Monday and it was marked with repeated objections from Republicans, including Colorado's Ken Buck.
Two Colorado Congressmen Will Play Key Role In Impeachment InquiryCongressman Joe Neguse, a Democrat, and Congressman Ken Buck, a Republican, sit on the Judiciary Committee.
Colorado Democrats Leading Push For New Gun Control Laws In WashingtonColorado Democrats are leading a push for new gun control laws on Capitol Hill.
'Recall Season': GOP Employs The Recall As A Political Weapon In ColoradoRecall campaigns are targeting Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, two Democratic state House members and two Democrats in the state Senate.
'Look Forward To A Full And Speedy Recovery': Rep. Ken Buck RecoveringRep. Ken Buck is recovering after being rushed to the hospital for chest pains.