Colorado Congressman Ken Buck Calls For 'Big Tech Reckoning' After Twitter Permanently Suspends Trump AccountColorado Congressman Ken Buck is reacting to Twitter's permanent suspension of Pres. Donald Trump's account
'Mistake... To Try To Impeach This President': Colorado Congressman Ken Buck Claims It Will Fan Flames Of PartisanshipColorado Congressman Ken Buck calls Democrats' move to impeach the president a political stunt that will fan the flames of partisanship.
PHOTO: Rep. Jason Crow Describes Comforting Pennsylvania Congresswoman Susan Wild As Rioters Stormed House ChamberA dramatic photo taken during the incident shows Wild in distress, being comforted by Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado.
‘We Were Surrounded’: Congressman Jason Crow Trapped In The U.S. House As Rioters Attempt To Break Down Doors"The Capitol police closed the doors, they locked them, and actually started to barricade the doors and windows with furniture, pulled their guns out and were getting ready to defend us in the chamber."
Colorado's Senators, Representatives Condemn Violence After Being Evacuated From CapitolBoth senators and all representatives from Colorado's seven Congressional Districts all tweeted that they and their staff were safely evacuated. All called for an end to the violence.
'This Is Not Who We Are': Colorado Congress Members Jason Crow And Diana Degette On Lockdown At U.S. CapitolRep. Jason Crow and Rep. Diana DeGette tweeted that they have gone into lockdown at the U.S. Capitol.
Buck Criticizes Republicans Planning To Object When Congress Ratifies Biden's 306 Electoral VotesRep. Ken Buck said, in part, that "to unconstitutionally insert Congress into the center of the presidential election process - would amount to stealing power from the people and the states."
2020 Was A Really Hectic Year For Colorado's Congressional DelegationLike all of us, Colorado's elected officials in Congress had a very unusual 2020.
Ken Buck To Step Down From Role Of Chairman Of The Colorado GOPRep. Ken Buck, a Republican who represents Colorado's 4th Congressional District, is departing from his role as the state party chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee.
Colorado Congressman Ken Buck Requests Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter BidenKen Buck is calling on the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel to investigate the son of President-elect Joe Biden.
Gov. Jared Polis Calls State's Emails To Oil & Gas Companies With Derogatory Names 'Unacceptable, Outrageous'Top leadership at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission publicly apologized for an inappropriate email sent by staff members.