CBS4 To Air Debates Between Congressional CandidatesCBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd and Colorado Public Television analyst Eric Sondermann were the moderators for a series of taped debates between Congressional candidates.
Congressional Races Heating UpWith no competition for ad space from statewide campaigns, the Congressional races in Colorado are heating up the airwaves with tough, and sometimes personal, attack ads.
Gun Control Divides Denver-Area CandidatesThe question of gun control in the wake of the Aurora theater shootings is dividing congressional candidates in the district where the massacre occurred.
Coors, Perlmutter Spar During DebateThe economy and the federal debt dominated a debate by Colorado congressional candidates Monday, with both parties showing little movement from familiar talking points in the past month before the election.
Congressional Candidates To Debate In WestminsterIt's October in an election year - that means political debates are heating up.
Coors, Perlmutter Race Gets National AttentionThe race for the White House is neck and neck and one of Colorado's congressional races is also expected to be close.
Coors, Perlmutter Go Door-To-Door In Same NeighborhoodThe congressional candidates in Jefferson County had a close encounter, and it wasn't a planned event.
Perlmutter, Coors Walk Working Class DistrictJoe Coors is behind on a friendly game of horse. Then he starts sinking baskets and talking about finding a fancy shot to seal the deal.
Colorado Democrats Seek To Tie Akin To OpponentsDemocrats in Colorado already are using the incendiary comments about rape made by the Missouri congressman and Republican Senate candidate as a political bludgeon.
Joe Coors Won't Sign Norquist PledgeRepublican congressional candidate Joe Coors says he won't sign an anti-tax pledge because doing so would obscure his own reasons for opposing higher taxes.