'Good For The Environment': Jason Crow Extends Energy Saving Tax CreditThe Save Energy Act will allow homeowners to deduct up to $500 on their taxes when they purchase energy efficient improvements for their homes.
Colorado Congressmen React To Attack In IraqBoth a Republican and Democratic member of Colorado's Congressional delegation have a similar message after an attack on an Iranian government official. If the attack leads to war, they say, it is Congress’ call.
Jason Crow Leads Effort For Global War On Terrorism Memorial On National MallMillions of veterans of the global war on terrorism could soon have their own memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C.
Shield Act Bill, Backed By Jason Crow, Heads To SenateA Colorado congressman is leading an effort to secure elections from foreign interference.
Colorado Lawmakers Sound Off On Formal Impeachment Inquiry Of President Donald TrumpColorado lawmakers are playing a role in the formal impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.
Congressman Jason Crow And Gun Safety Advocates Demand New Federal LawsActivists are demanding the U.S. Senate pass new laws requiring background checks for all gun sales and a federal Red Flag bill.
Colorado Congressman Spends Saturdays Supporting CommunityA Colorado Congressman is giving new meaning to the title "public servant."
Rep. Jason Crow Vows More Visits To Aurora ICE Detention CenterA Colorado congressman plans to spend a lot more time at an immigration detention center in Aurora.
Jason Crow Commemorates D-Day With Solo Jump From World War II Era PlaneA former Army Ranger-turned-United States Congressman from Colorado jumped out of an airplane to commemorate D-Day last week.
Rep. Jason Crow Introduces Bill To Allow Lawmakers To Visit ICE FacilitiesU.S. Rep. Jason Crow, representing Colorado's 6th District, visited the Immigration and Customs facility in Aurora on Monday.
Bill Targets Immediate Gun Sales To Out-Of-State ResidentsU.S. Rep. Jason Crow says he aims to close an "obvious loophole" in federal law that allowed a Florida woman obsessed with the Columbine school shooting to buy a shotgun in Colorado days before the 20th anniversary of the massacre.