Citizens Rescue Woman From Icy Pond With Park's New Rope SystemThe throw bag "rescue station" is permanently stored in a box near the water. 
Dog Pulled To Safety After Falling Through Icy LakeSouth Metro firefighters saved a large dog that fell through the ice on a lake in Castle Pines.
Firefighters Warn Of Dicey, Icy Waters With Fluctuating TemperaturesSouth Metro firefighters spent time at Cherry Creek State Park refreshing their ice rescue skills.
Crews Rescue Dog After Falling Through Thin IceFire crews rescued a dog that fell through the ice of a pond in Edwards.
Rescue Agencies Respond To Emergencies As Warm Temps Melt Lake IceWarmer temperatures made ice weaker in the metro area, and calls for ice rescues increased Sunday.
Dog Doesn't Survive Ice Rescue AttemptFirefighters responded to rescue a dog that fell through the ice Sunday afternoon.
Ice & Cold Water Rescues Require A Unique Set Of SkillsThis is the time of year when firefighters get calls to rescue both people and pets after falling through the ice on lakes and ponds. In the past week there have been several rescues of dogs that fell through.
Another Day, Another Dog Rescued From Icy WatersA dive team helped save a dog stranded in icy waters Saturday morning.
Firefighters Rescue Beagle From Thin IceTheo, the beagle, is safe after he ran across the ice at Sloan’s Lake and got trapped on an island.
Body Camera Shows Rescue Of Teen From Icy Pond In ParkerThe 911 calls came of boys falling through the ice on a pond in Parker on Jan. 14. A policeman was the first to arrive and his body camera captured his life saving efforts.
Police Officer Who Pulled Teen From Ice HonoredThe Parker police officer, who was first on the scene at the pond in Parker where three teens had fallen into the icy water earlier this month, was honored on Thursday along with other first responders.