Are Pools Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic?With social distancing, face mask requirements and a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people during the coronavirus pandemic, this summer will look a lot different than what we’re used to in Colorado.
As We Watch Out For Coronavirus, A Silent Killer, Are Coloradans Wearing Masks Properly?There are plenty of examples to be found of bad mask-wearing practices: people wearing them with their nose exposed, pulling them down, pushing them back up.
What Does Remdesivir, Possible Treatment For Coronavirus, Do?The FDA is set to approve a treatment for coronavirus. It's a drug that was tested in Colorado.
What Can We Do About The Stress?A Colorado psychologist says it's important for people to be aware of the crisis they may be going through inside and "give themselves permission to feel that loss."
How Would We Do Mass Testing For Coronavirus In Colorado?Colorado's incident response commander says the state has set a really ambitious goal of getting thousands of coronavirus tests done per day.
What is Herd Immunity?It’s that term that keeps coming up. Herd immunity is a potential way of beating the coronavirus.
Is Exercising Outside A Greater Threat?Coloradans love their exercise and the parks and trails have been so full, rangers and deputies have been shooing people away.
Can I Get Coronavirus From Handling My Groceries?As we try to stay safe from coronavirus, a CBS4 viewer wondered, ‘What about my groceries?’ CBS4’s Alan Gionet answered that Good Question.
Why Do Some People With Coronavirus Get Sicker Than Others?If you are infected with fewer viral particles, experts believe COVID-19, may not be able to get the foothold it needs to make you severely ill.
Should We Be Wearing Masks?Federal health experts are considering the idea of asking all of us to wear masks while we’re out or at work, but should we be wearing masks?
Is There A Way To Prevent Coronavirus?In Colorado, experts are saying there may be a way for many people to better protect themselves, particularly those in higher risk groups.